Sinakawak Shrine Puzzle: An Uplifting Device Walkthrough | The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This guide shows how to complete the Sinakawak Shrine in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, released on 12th May 2023. The location of the Sinakawak Shrine is shown in the picture below. The Sinakawak Shrine is found in the Hyrule Field region to the south of the North Hyrule Plain

How to complete the An Uplifting Device challenge

To get to the finish and obtain the Light of Blessing, you must complete three puzzles at the Sinakawak Shrine. And one optional puzzle to reach a chest.

Sinakawak Shrine Puzzle 1

Enter the shrine and climb up the stairs to reach the first puzzle area. Here you need to join a wooden board with a candle and then place a balloon over the candle to create a floating platform to make your way to the upper floor. Try to keep the board near the wall so that you can jump off easily on reaching the upper floor.

Sinakawak Shrine Puzzle 2

Put a candle in front of the iron gate and then place a balloon over the candle. The balloon will fly and hit the button above to open the gate. Proceed to the next room.

Sinakawak Shrine Puzzle 3

In the next area, glide down to the bottom floor to find a wooden board, a few balloons, a small ball, and a few candles on the left side of the room. There is also a giant ball tucked in the right corner. Here your task is to carry both the balls to the upper floor.

Place the wooden board in the middle of the room. Use Ultrahand ability to put the giant ball on the wooden board and then the small ball on top of it.

Connect four candles to each of the four corners of the wooden board, then connect all four balloons.

By doing this, a floating platform will be created to transport both balls to the top floor.

Once you reach the upper floor, jump off the floating platform and use Ultrahand to pull the floating platform toward you and deactivate the platform to retrieve both balls.

On the upper floor, there are two pits in the ground with a large hole and a small hole. Place the Giant ball on the large pit and the small ball on the small pit to open the gates. The right side gate contains a chest.

And left side door is the exit of the shrine.

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