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‘Sister of Sorrow’ is a main story quest in ‘The Siege of Paris’ DLC of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. ‘The Siege of Paris’ is the second major expansion for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, released on 12th August 2021. The quest starts automatically after the completion of ‘The Missing Queen’ quest. This article shows the complete walkthrough of ‘Sister of Sorrow’. There is a video walkthrough at the end of the page.

Travel to Aquila

The first objective as the quest starts is to ‘Travel to Aquila’. Another sub-objective will be to talk to the Revelers in St. Taurinus Tavern as they may know more about the Little Mother. The tavern is the building opposite to the Chapel in Evreux. Enter the tavern and talk to the tavernkeeper, who will tell you to talk to Bastian to know about the Little Mother. Sit and talk with Bastian for useful information. He will tell you that The Little mother holds a special prisoner with her.

Get out of the southern door in the tavern to find a couple of soldiers talking. Speak with them and you will learn that the Little Mother has a house just south of Evreux.

Move along the path down south from the Tavern. A little ahead, you will find Little Mother’s house. Enter the house from the window on the backside. Inside the house, you will find a mysterious note on a table telling you that the Little Mother is keeping Richardis captive at Aquila. Go to the basement, where you will find a Dead man’s Note that will tell you that Richardis is in an underground chamber beneath a crypt in Aquila. Now make your way to Aquila.

Find and Assassinate Little Mother

When you enter Aquila the objective updates to ‘ Find and Assassinate Little Mother’. Talk to the little kid at the location as shown in the picture below and he will tell you that Little Mother Performs the deliverance rituals within the Aquila Crypt.

The Crypt entrance is at the northern portion of Aquila and the door key is near a bench east of the crypt entrance as shown in the picture below.

Use the key to unlock the crypt and enter it. Jump down the hole inside to reach underground and then move in the linear path until you reach a room with a dagger and a note on a table. Take the note and read the note. Now you will have two sub-objectives: ‘Dip the Dagger in the Blood‘ and ‘Participate in the deliverance ritual to get close to Little Mother‘. You will find a big tub filled with blood in the same room. Interact with it to get Blood Dipped Dagger for Deliverance Ritual.

The path ahead is locked. Slide through the small gap on the wall to reach the room containing the key as shown in picture below. Now use the key to unlock the door to reach Little Mother’s Location.

As you reach Little Mother’s location, you can see a dagger symbol near her (See picture below). Interacting with the dagger symbol will start the deliverance ritual cutscene, where you will assassinate the Little Mother. But to start the deliverance ritual, you will first need to get rid of the soldiers. Kill the soldier with a key (See the second picture below). Use the key to open a cell containing a prisoner at the upper level of the ritual area. This will create a distraction and the soldiers will move away from Little Mother. Use the opportunity to go start the deliverance ritual and assassinate Little Mother.

Leave with Richardis (Clear the Path of Rats Swarm)

After assassinating Little Mother, you will have to escape with Richardis. Follow Richardis until you come to an area with Rat Swarms. You can use Odin’s Vision to see the rat swarms. Rat swarms cannot be damaged or killed. Repeal them by attacking them with your weapon. Rats may flee to nearby sewer grates when repelled. Cover grates with pushable objects to trap them. The sewer grate here is behind a destructible wooden barricade as shown in the picture below. repel the rat swarm to the sewer grate using your weapons and then use the pushable object to cover the grate.

Once the rat swarms are taken care of, follow Richardis again until you come across a stone wall. Use explosives to break the stone wall to clear the path. Go outside through the broken wall to complete the quest.

Video Walkthrough

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