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This guide will show how to complete the fourth bounty mission “Skrendel Bros Bounty” of the game High On Life, released on 13 December 2022.

Talk to the surviving Moplet

Speak with the Moplet after exiting the portal. He will tell that everyone has been enslaved again and is working at Skrendel laboratories.

Reach the Skrendel Labs

Start following the waypoint to the Skrendel lab. You have to cross an area filled with large mushrooms and a toxic river flowing down below. Use need to utilize the jetpack to get across big gaps between mushrooms.

After crossing the mushrooms, use Gus to launch discs into hot walls. Jump and hook on the discs to cross to the other side.

After reaching the waterfall, look for two hot walls on each side to place a disc and climb the waterfall top. Defeat all the enemies on the top of the waterfall.

Continue to move ahead along the mountain wall until you reach fast-spinning fans. Use Sweezy to slow down the fan and enter inside.

After crossing the fast-spinning fans, enter the building and follow the linear path to exit from the other side. Stand on the platform and shoot on green goop to use as a catapult to get launched to the other side.

Continue following the waypoint and move ahead on the wooden path.

In the end, you will see a small hut with a button. Press the button to start the zipline and use it to get to the other side.

Find a way into the labs

Enter the building and speak with the receptionist. He will set off the alarm.

Enter the first lab

Exit the room, and use the elevator to ride up. Kill the enemies you encounter while going up.

Once the first elevator stop, jump on the nearby platform, kill all the enemies, and press the button to bring the 2nd elevator down.

Now, use the 2nd elevator to go up.

Finally, jump on the third elevator and use it to reach the top and enter the lab.

Explore the facility

Follow the waypoint to reach a locked weapons lab. Enter the elevated pathway to a control room and unlock the door. Next, enter the weapons lab

Find the experiment subject

Interact with the talking Gatlian (on whom the experiment is getting performed) inside the weapon lab to unlock the fourth gun named Creature.

Get out of the weapons lab

Following the cutscene, you will be trapped within the lab. Shooting one of the Creature’s children. This will deactivate electrical boxes, allowing you to escape the facility.

Explore Deeper into the Labs

Defeat all the enemies and use the waypoint to reach the next location. Shooting one of the Creature’s children into the hole to disable the seal.

In the next room, go below the Blaustics Testing and use a glob blast to push the platform.

Then launch one of the Creature’s children into the vent above to disable the seal.

In the next room also, launch one of the Creature’s children into the hole to open the door and kill all the enemies.

Find a Way Out of Gatlian Grafting

Use the hole to launch one of the Creature’s children and kill the enemy in the next room.

Reach the Paddock

After exiting the Gatlian Grafting, launch the Creature’s children into two of the nests. This will release two files that you can use to grapple and move forward.

Fight Jonathan Skrendel (Boss Fight)

Defeat all the enemies and send all the caged humans into the heaven portal. Finally, enter the building and fight with Jonathan Skrendel.

Reach the Main Compound

Continue to follow the waypoint.

Enter the Cloning Facility

Continue to follow the waypoint until you reach the river. Shoot at the green goop to rotate the platform. Then launch the Creature’s children into the next to release flies. Use it to cross the river.

Use Gus’ ability to throw discs on the hot wall and cross further.

Shoot the green buds to open the temporary platform and use it to cross the gap.

Defeat all the enemies at the top of the waterfall and continue to follow the waypoint until you reach the laser wall. 

Launch the Creature’s children into the hole behind the laser wall to disable it.

Defeat the Security Team

Kill all the enemies outside the cloning facility.

Find Angela Skrendel

Enter the building and launch Creature’s children into the two holes, one on each side of the wall to remove the barrier.

In the next area, slow down the vent fan and launch Creature’s children again into the hole to remove the barrier.

Track Down Angela Skrendel

Leave the room using the window and kill all the enemies.

Fight Angela Skrendel (Boss Fight)

Continue to follow the waypoint and start the Boss fight with Angela Skrende

Track down the Skrendel Bros

After the fight, exit the room. Now you have to track down the Skrendel Bros by crossing the toxic water.

Enter the adjacent room and press the button to adjust the catapult.

Launch discs on the hot wall and use the catapult to get launched.

Grapple along the left wall to reach Mona Skrendel.

Fight Mona Skrendel (Boss Fight)

Enter the Think Tank to fight Mona Skrendel. After defeating take out Mona Skrendel DNA.

Bro Tron Boss Fight

Enter into another boss fight with Bro Tron and get their DNA. Finally, return to your home.

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