Skull and Bones: Coast of Africa (Old) Treasure Map Location

This article will guide you on how to get the Coast of Africa (Old) Treasure Map and the Treasure location in Skull and Bones.

Treasure Map Location

Head to the north of Sainte-Anne. You will find a Merchant ship named “Hardy”. To obtain the Treasure Map (Old) from Hardy ship, the player must either destroy and sink the ship totally or board it. Refer to the map.

Treasure Map Clue

The location of the Treasure as mentioned in Treasure Map (Old) is in the Poacher’s Cache Outpost which is a small island Near the Coast of Africa. Refer to the location in the map below.

Treasure Location

Sail to the Poacher’s Cache Outpost. When you disembark from your boat, proceed to the outpost and check behind the tents. You’ll see a ray of light revealing the position of the buried treasure. Approach it and dig up the treasure to obtain the chest.

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