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  • Post published:December 17, 2022
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This guide shows the location of all Luglox Chests in the Slum area of the High on Life game. Check the link below for a video walkthrough.

Slum Luglox 1/26

Exit the portal and then enter the slums, pass below the ramp on the right to reach a slum pond. Press the button next to the hut to create a zipline on the other side. Jump on the nearby platform to get the chest.

Slum Luglox 2/26

Head back to the ramp, then go left until you reach the giant blue-face statue. The Luglox chest is inside his mouth.

Slum Luglox 3/26

Head right from the portal and look beneath the pipe to find the Luglox Chest.

Slum Luglox 4/26

Zip using the cable in front of the portal to enter a tube. Go till the end, and jump to the left to find the chest.

Slum Luglox 5/26

Return from the previous location and then jump onto the building to the right while zipping over the water. The Luglox box is on the 2nd floor.

Slum Luglox 6/26

Drop down onto the ground and go toward the ramp. Look Underneath the ramp to find the chest behind some boxes.

Slum Luglox 7/26

Go straight from the previous chest, take the zip-line to land on the right building then make your way across the platform on the left side. The chest is in the building with a green roof.

Slum Luglox 8/26

Grapple around to the other side of the building. An NPC there will be yelling about treasure near the chest.

Slum Luglox 9/26

Drop on the floating platform and look to the right to find the chest below the red-roof building.

Slum Luglox 10/26

Go behind the building, cross some platforms and enter the Bubble Buds building to find the Chest.

Slum Luglox 11/26

Exit the previous building and head to the left. Go around the circular structure to land on the lower pipe outside the building, then crouch through the gap.

Slum Luglox 12/26

Climb up the pipes outside Bubble Buds, onto the nearby building. A Luglox is hidden inside the broken shipping container.

Slum Luglox 13/26

This Luglox is inside one of the small buildings on the wall to the right of the large Uptown sign. Requires the jetpack.

Slum Luglox 14/26

Drop down from the previous location onto the ramp and head to the shanky district. Look underneath the ramp to find the chest.

Slum Luglox 15/26

Head left from the previous location along the docks until you reach the Luglox chest near the chain fence.

Slum Luglox 16/26

Go toward Blim City Slums. The chest is on the balcony of a building on the left side opposite to the shop Space’s Applebee.

Slum Luglox 17/26

Drop down from the previous location and enter the tunnel to find the chest.

Slum Luglox 18/26

On the opposite balcony and to the left of the Space’s Applebee.

Slum Luglox 19/26

To the side of Space Applebee’s by the dumpsters.

Slum Luglox 20/26

Behind the billboards on top of Space Applebee’s

Slum Luglox 21/26

From the previous location, drop on the left side of the building, onto the Balcony.

Slum Luglox 22/26

In the patch of sand near Space Applebee’s. Just drop down from the previous location.

Slum Luglox 23/26

Head left from the previous location, and follow the wooden ramp. Climb up the shipping container to find the Luglox.

Slum Luglox 24/26

Turn right from the previous location to find the chest underneath the pier in the sand.

Slum Luglox 25/26

Climb to the top of the blue building near the ramp to find the Luglox.

Slum Luglox 26/26

Cross the energy bridge, drop down and turn around. The Luglox chest is hidden between some boxes.

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