Someday You’ll Return – Chapter 11: The Revelation

  • After the old lady opens the gate, move ahead. After a little while you’ll meet Eleanora.
  •  Keep moving ahead. You’ll reach a wall. climb it.
  • Move forward. After some time you’ll reach an area with a couple of tents. Drink true vision potion here and the green footsteps will lead you to an abominated heart (heart 1) . You can either destroy it or purify it.
  • Trace back your path to the tents. At a location near the white tent use Statis Totem to open up a path (See picture 1,2 Below)
  • Go through it and interact with the whispering flies there with your medallion
  • Now trace back the path through which you came. Climb down the walls. On the right side a little ahead you’ll see an entrance (See picture 3 Below)
  • Get inside. Climb down the wall. Use statis totem on mud in the room on the left. This will remove the flooding from first room revealing a socket (See picture 4 Below). Use your medallion to interact with a socket.
  • This will create a new path outside. Trace the red cable like things to reach the new path created (See picture 5,6 Below).
  • Go down the newly created path and you’ll reach a new location ‘Valley’.
  • Move ahead. After a little while you’ll find an entrance (See picture 7 Below). Climb wall to enter it.
  • Inside, climb another wall and then cross a bridge. 
  • Go left after the bridge and interact with the whispering flies.
  • Once the sequence ends you’ll see a few tents in front of you. Cross the tents and on the back side follow the red cable like things to reach an abominated heart (Heart 2). Destroy it or purify it.
  • Go back to the tents area. In front of the tents there is a woodent path. Move ahead on it. use Statis Totem where the wooden path is broken.
  • Move ahead. Go down the stairs on the right. Turn left and enter the passage there. Just after exiting the passage there is a socket in front (See picture 8 Below). Insert your medallion in it. This will create a path. Move ahead an open the red door to enter the bunker.
  • Inside the bunker keep moving down until you reach an area with big blocked pipe (See picture 9 Below). use Statis Totem to clear the blockage. Get inside the the climb up. Use Statis Totem again to create a path to another pipe. move into it and then slide through the pipe.
  • Again keep moving down and after some tiem you’ll find a red door to exit the bunker.
  • After exiting the bunket take the wooden path iim front. It will lead you to a tunnel, finishing the chapter.

Someday You'll return Chapter 11 Walkthrough

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