Someday You’ll Return – Chapter 6: The Path of Courage

As the chapter starts you receive a message from Eleanora asking you to come back to the camp

Find your way back to the camp

  • Start moving in the direction opposite to the red door of the bunker
  • Follow the red arrows (See Picture 1 below)
  • Where Red path intersects with blue, start following  the blue path (See Picture 2 below)
  • This brings you to the location where you first met Lea.
  • From here follow the yellow arrow to reach the bridge. After the bridge you’ll meet the old lady triggering a cutscene
  • Proceed on the yellow path but you’ll notice that the path to the camp is gone
  • Use Statis Totem to clear debris to create a new path (See Picture 3 below)
  • Continue in the linear path. A little further you’ll find a doll (See Picture 4 below) wih a note ‘A Bedtime Story’. Collect it.
  • Continue forward using Statis totel to clear your path. After a little while you’ll get back to the original path after the detour.
  • Follow the Yellow markers to reach the camp.
  • Talk to Eleanora in the camp

Go to the Water Station

  • Go to the burnt house (See Picture 1 below)
  • From here take the path on right and keep going until you see a red ribbon (See Picture 2 below)
  • Follow the Red Ribbons to reach the dried riverbed (See Picture 3 below).
  • Descent into the dried riverbed and keep moving ahead. After some time you’ll receive a call from Ida.
  • Keep moving. After a little while you’ll get to a wall. Climb it and keep moving ahead.
  • After some time you’ll reach a waterfall (See Picture 4 below). Wall on the left here can be climbed. Climb it.
  • After climbing the wall Water Station will be on the right.

Water Station: Find The Key And Enter The Water Station Main Building

  • Collect herbs and prepare True Sight Potion. 
  • Now enter the water station main gate and drink the true sight potion
  • After drinking the potion you’ll be able to see green footsteps. Follow them. It will lead you to a locked door. You dont have the key to enter it.
  • Keep following the green footsteps and it’ll lead you to a room where the is hidden under a magazine (See Picture 1 Below)
  • Trace your way back to the locked door by following the blue footsteps.
  • Open the locked door. Inside you’ll find a movable ladder platform.
  • Take out the movable ladder platform from that room and drag it to the broken window (See Picture 2 Below) a little ahead straight outside the room.
  • Climb up using the ladder and get inside through the broken window. 

Water Station: Door Code Puzzle, Open The Trapdoor, Reach Underground, Escape From Underground Portion Of Water Tunnel

  • Inside the building follow the green footsteps
  • The footsteps will lead to a trapdoor. The door is locked and you wont be able to go through.
  • Near the trapdoor are are two more doors. One locked with a lock code and another unlocked. Go inside the unlocked door.
  • In this room you’ll see a hand punching a bag (See Picture 1 Below)
  • After punching the bag, the hand will display a number with its fingers (See Picture 2 Below)
  • Observe the numbers. It is the passcode for the locked door ( 002134) 
  • Inside this room take the crowbar.
  • Next use the medallion to interact with the whispering flies in the room. This will teleport you to a strange place.
  • Follow the girl in the strange place and after the sequence is over you’ll be teleported back to your previous location
  • Now collect the rope here and exit the room.
  • Go upstairs to the room with broken glasses (See Picture 3 Below)
  • Use the crowbar to break the window and get to the crane (See Picture 4 Below).
  • Unblock the crane wheel.
  • Drop down to the room behind the trapdoor through which the green footsteps went.
  • The path downstairs is blocked with a rock
  • You need to remove the rock using a crane but for that first you need to switch on the power. Go to the room with hand punching the bag and access the switch panel there. On the left side turn on every switch and on right turn on ‘380C3’ Switch (Crane number- See Picture 4 Below) 
  • Exit the room and go upstairs to the crane control panel (See Picture 5 Below)
  • Bring the crane forward upto the blocked path and lower the hook.
  • Now go back to the blocked path again and tie the rock with the crane using the rope (See Picture 6 Below)
  • Go back to the crane controls and move up the hook. This will clear the path.
  • Now go back to the trapdoor and descent from the unblocked path through the ladder.
  • Go to the room left of the ladder .There you’ll find a valve. Collect it. 
  • Get out of this room and go to the room right side of the ladder. In this room you’ll find a valve tied with a chain and locked (See Picture 7 Below).
  • As you get here the area will start flooding with water now.
  • Get back to the middle section and insert the valve that you collected before into the socket near the room with locked valve (See Picture 8 Below). 
  • Rotate the valve. This will stop the flooding.
  • Go back to the room where you got the valve and collect Socket & Nuts from boxes on the shelf.
  • Move a big wooden box (See Picture 9 Below) and the key will be hanging on the wall behind it. Also collect bolts from a small box on the shelf there.
  • Get back to the locked valve and use the key to open it. The Key will break.
  • Use the plier to rotate the key (See Picture 10 Below)
  • Rotate the valve now. But you’ll notice that the valve will instantly rotate back once you release it and the door closes instantly. You need to somehow keep the wheel up.
  • Pick up the chain that droppen when you unclocked the valve.
  • Open inventory. Select the bluprint icon. and then assemble the chain, socket, bolts and nuts to get a device (See Picture 11 Below) .
  • Use this device on valve to keep it up and cross the door.
  • In the next room you’ll find 2 more valves. rotate them and proceed to the next section.
  • Here again follow the green footsteps until the point they go up on a ladder. You need to find a way to go up there.
  • In the next room you’ll see a red device (See Picture 12 Below). Rotate its handle and then pull it back.
  • Go to the room on left. There is a valve socket in there. Inser a valve and rotate it.
  • This will flood the area. Swim up to get to the tunnel where the green footsteps went.
  • Open the door and move ahead. In the only accessable room you will find a socket. Insert your medallion in it.
  • This will open up a blocked path to the exit door. Exit from it.

Find a Shelter and Survive The Night

  • As you make your way through the main gate of Water Station, you’ll see your car driving by. Start chasing it.
  • As yoou finish chasing you’ll see that your car has crashed (See Picture 1 Below).
  • Turn around and move into the forest right side of the path. There you’ll find a small cabin (See Picture 2 Below)
  • Go to the right side of the cottage and collect some woods.
  • Go to the back side and collect some wooden planks.
  • use the wooden planks to shut the window on the left side of the cottage. Use hammer to nail the wooden planks onto the window. (See picture 3 below)
  • Close the window in the front from outside.
  • Get inside the door and close it from inside.
  • Latch the front window and the right window from inside.
  • Collect the match box from the kitchen and some sticks from the bucket next to the heating device in the other room (See Picture 4 Below)
  • Place and woods and sticks inside the heating device and use matchbox to start a fire.
  • This will warm up the room. Now go to the bed and sleep.
  • In the middle of the night you’ll hear some noise. Push the wooden cabinet to barricade the door.
  • This will end this chapter

Someday You'll Return Chapter 6 Walkthrough

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