Someday You’ll Return – Chapter 9: Down The Rabbit Hole

  • As the chapter starts start moving forward in the only available path.
  • When you reach the point whete the way forward in blockes, turn left down the tunnen and go till the end where you’ll find a totem. Throw down the totem. Now your path will be clear.
  • Get back to the main oath and move forward. After some time you’ll reach a ladder. Get down there.
  • Keep moving. You’ll reach and climbing wall. Climb it and keep moving ahead.
  •  After some time you’ll reach another climbing wall. Climb it and then move down the only available path.
  • Eventually you’ll come to a location with whispering flies. Use your medallion and you’ll be teleportated to a strange place.
  • Talk to stela there and after that you’ll be teleported back to your previous location.
  • Use statis totem and a path to downstairs will open (See picture below).
  • Get down. Move Forward. Climb a wall. Then move forward again.
  • A beast will start chasing you. Run and get to the red door and close it.
  • Here climb down a ladder to reach a chapal.

Into the Abyss: Escape the catacombs

Take the scultpure in the chappel. This will reveal a socket. Insert your medallion into the socket. This will open up a path downstairs. Get down. You’ll reach a catacomb maze. Perform the following steps to get out of the maze:

  1. Take the 2nd right to reach the whispering flies and interact with it.
  2. Get back to the starting point. Now take the 1st left. Here enter the corridoor with the picture frame (See Picture 1 Below).
  3. Follow the picture frames until you reach a gate. Unlock it (you’ll need it later).
  4. Take Left before the gate. You’ll reach a climbing wall. climb it.
  5. Here you’ll find 3 sockets. You’ll have to come to this chamber after every dream sequence (See Picture 2 Below)
  6. Interact with one socker.
  7. Now turn back and unlock the door. Go straight. Take 2nd right then left and then left again. You’ll reach a door (See Picture 3 Below).
  8. Interact with the door bell. It doesnt work. Use knife to open the doorbell. Then again use the knife to ring the bell (See Picture 4 Below).
  9. Get inside and interact with the whispering flies.
  10. Get back to the chamber with 3 sockets and interact with a socket.
  11.  Turn around and go straight through the door. Take 1st right and keep going straight till you reach another door (See Picture 5 Below). Inside the white door on the left you’ll hear a baby monitor south. Open the steel gate in front and keep going straight until you find a receiver on the right side (See Picture 6 Below).
  12. Turn around and get back to the white door in which you heard the baby monitir. Get inside and interact with the whispering flies.
  13. Get back to the chamber with 3 sockets. Interact witha socket. This will open up a path in front.
  14. Go through the newly opened path and close the door behind. You’ll see a big clock there. This will end the chapter.
  15. Check the video at bottom if the text explanation did not help you out.

Someday You'll Return Chapter 9 Walkthrough

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