Sons Of The Forest: How To Craft Arrows

This walkthrough will guide you on how to make Arrow in the game Sons Of The Forest. Upon embarking on your new life stranded on the secluded island of Sons of the Forest, it will be essential for you to acquire some basic survival tools, such as crafting your own weapons like a bow and arrow.

How to make Arrows

 To craft an arrow in Sons of the Forest, you need:

  • Feathers x 2
  • Small Rocks x 4
  • Sticks x 2


To obtain Feathers, you must kill a bird of any kind, such as a blue bird or a seagull. A Bird typically yields between 3 to 5 Feathers.

Small Rocks

Small Rocks can be found scattered throughout the island and will respawn periodically. However, a more fruitful search for Small Rocks could be conducted near streams and lakes.


Sticks can be found abundantly on the forest floor, but if you want to gather more, you can also chop them off trees.

After acquiring the necessary items, open your inventory and right-click on 2 Feathers, 2 Sticks, and 4 Small Rocks. Then, select the cogwheel icon to craft the arrow.

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