Soryotanog Shrine Solution in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | Buried Light Puzzle

This article will guide you on how to solve all the puzzles inside Soryotanog Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Soryotanog Shrine is located on a high perch overlooking Gerudo Town. To reach this shrine one may navigate the wall of Gerudo Town and use Ascend to reach it.

In the first room, Use Ultrahand to pick up the fan from a pile of sand and hit it with a weapon to turn it on.

Use the fan to blow the piles of sand to find a chest with a small key. Use the small key on the green door to enter the next chamber.

Treasure Chest

In the next room, use the fan to blow away the pile of sand in the right corner to reveal a small hole in the wall that will take you to another room.

Disperse the sand heaps within the chamber to uncover an additional fan. Activate the fan and position it adjacent to the wall.

Utilize the wind generated by the fan to ascend towards the elevated ledge with a giant gear.

Blast away the sand to free the gear and gain access to the chest situated in the adjoining room.

Return to the previous room and use the fan to clear all sand to reveal a reflector

Now you need to find a light source and another reflector. You can ascend in the left corner here to reach the area behind the bars with more sand piles. Clear all of the sand in the room. Under one pile of sand is a beam of light and another pile of sand has a reflector.

Pick up the reflector and go to the platform above the source of the beam of light that shines through the floor. Position the reflector in a manner that redirects the beam of light into the chamber located immediately outside the exit passing through the bars.

return to the previous chamber and use the second reflector to direct the light to the target above the exit door. A target here in orange is what you need to hit to open the final door.

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