Spanner in the Work| Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC (Main Mission Guide)

Bloodline is the first major story expansion of the 2020 videogame, Watch Dogs Legion. You’ll play as Aiden Pearce (protagonist of the first Watch Dogs) and Wrench (from WD2), who’ll team up in this new storyline set up before the events of the main game. Each character is playable in the campaign and in online mode as well. Multiple optional side-quests have also been added in the Bloodline DLC for both Aiden Pearce and Wrench.

Objective: Investigate the Rempart Facility

Your objective is to infiltrate Tidis Advance Technologies (Rempart facility). This Rempart facility is located in the Southwark district’s south-west corner. First, proceed to the facility’s south gate, which is secured by a laser. To disable the laser, launch your multidrone and fly it inside. The laser lock is located directly behind the main gate.

Objective: Access the Robot Camera Logs

As the laser on the main gate is disabled, you can now sneak inside the facility to check Camera logs. Head inside the first building on the left and analyze the dead robot lying on the stairs.

Go to the third floor and neutralize three guards with a melee strike. Analyze the dead robot lying behind the big boxes on the right. You will find nothing as that data has been erased. Now head back to the second floor and neutralize the guard without raising an alarm before investigating the third robot.

Objective: Access the Camera Log Server

Your next goal is to examine the Camera Log Server to learn more about Wrench. The camera Log Server is located at the far end of the second floor and is securely locked. First, you need to download the key (to enter the camera Log Server room) from the table on the second floor. The Key is on the left side as you enter from the side of the stairs.

Go to the Camera Log Server to analyze the logs. Here you will find yourself getting tripped by Wrench and get locked inside the server room.

Objective: Use the multidrone to disable the Security

You need to exit the Rempart facility by disabling the security system. You need to hack ctOS to disable the security system is located on the third floor. You can enter the ctOs server room through a small vent located above the ” Tidis Advance Technologies” logo on the second floor’s wall. I have marked it on the image below.

As you are locked inside the Camera Log Server room, go back to the other end of the Camera Log Server room to find a small vent on the ground. Send the multidrone through it and fly it over to reach other vents that lead to the ctOS room. Interact with the ctOS server to disable the Rempart facility security system and exit the facility quietly.

Objective: Go to Brixton

Jackson will instruct you to head ‘Windrush Square’ in Brixton which is located in the south-west area of Lambeth District. The Wrench hideout is somewhere in the Brixton area.

Objective: Locate the Signal Source

Jackson finds that Wrench is using the Audrino board to communicate with using high frequency. He will instruct you to find the Signal Source.

The game will display your distance from the Signal source and you need to get close to it. The signal source is coming from ctOS hub at the Brixton Barrier Block area in the south-east region of Lambeth. I have marked the location on the map below to help the player using this guide to navigate easily.

Objective: Hack the ctOS at Brixton Barrier Block

Here you need to disable two ctOS servers located in the Brixton Barrier Block.

ctOS servers #1: To find the location of the server, hack the lock of the main gates. It will display the ctOS server location on the top of the left building. Launch the multidrone to reach the CtOS server location and disable it. At this moment you will find Jackson is captured by Mr. Rempart.

ctOS servers #2: It’s located on the top floor of the right building. You can launch your multidrone to enter the building directly from the. As you disable the server you will find this is a decoy of Wrench hideout.

Objective: Enter Wrench Safehouse

The Wrench hideout is inside Brixton Barrier Block. You can enter the area from the east side. Neutralize all security drones and enemies before you proceed to capture the Wrench. You will take get Brocabridge from the Wrench to end this mission after the conversation.

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