How to Complete Staredown for Venusaur Request: New Pokemon Snap

Staredown for Venusaur Request | New Pokemon Snap Guide

Professor Mirror will give you requests to do the ‘Staredown for Venusaur’ request. The request is to take a snapshot of the Staredown, before Venusaur runs away

    • Go to Faunja Jungle (Day)
    • You need to be at level 3 to complete this request.
    • Lure Arbok (snake) to sleeping Venusaur by using fluffruit.
    • When Arbok gets near Venusaur, wake it up by pressing the scan button a few times.
    • After waking up, Venusaur will stare at Arbok for a couple of seconds and then run away terrified.
    • Take a snapshot of the staredown, before Venusaur runs away, to complete the request.

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