Stellar Blade: First Customer Side Quest Guide

First Customer is a side quest in the Xion region in Stellar Blade. This article will guide you on how to complete the sidequest ‘First Customer‘ in Stellar Blade, which on April 26, 2024.

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Starting Location

This quest is available after the main mission: Altess Levoire. To start the quest, speak with the NPC (Kasim) in Gwen’s Hair Salon. Refer to the location below. 

He will say that the scavengers stole his hair-styling tools. NPC wants the player to bring back his Hair Salon Tools from the Junkyard location in the Wasteland 

Obtain a scissors, a dryer, and a straightener (0/3)

Proceed to the southeastern part of Wasteland. Here player should find three marked spots. Interact with these spots to find the stolen item.




Finally, return to Xion and speak with Kasim in Gwen’s Hair Salon to end the quest.

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