Stellar Blade: Keeping Secrets Quest Walkthrough

Keeping Secrets is a side quest in the Xion region in Stellar Blade. This article will guide you on how to complete the sidequest ‘Keeping Secrets‘ in Stellar Blade, which on April 26, 2024.

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Starting Location

This quest is available after the main mission: Altess Levoire. To start the quest, speak with the NPC (Enya) in The Last Gulp. Refer to the location below. NPC wants the player to find out why Su (NPC) hasn’t come to the bar

Talk to Bo

As the quest starts, leave The Last Gulp and speak with Bo.

Find the Woman who is connected to Su’s disappearance

Next, head to Sister’s Junk and speak with Kaya about Su’s location. Kaya will tell that Su might have gone to Solar Tower in the Wasteland.

Investigate the Traces Su

Fast travel to the Solar Tower in the Wasteland and defeat the enemies present near the Solar Tower. Then head in the north direction.  Investigate 6 spots of Su’s traces that are scattered around the area. 

Determine Su’s Current Location

After examining the six traces, the game will automatically mark a new location in the southwestern part of the wastelands. Head to the location and enter the building to find wounded Su next to a pair of legs.

Finally, return to The Last Gulp and speak with Enya to complete the quest.

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