Stellar Blade: Stolen Treasure Side Quest Guide

Stolen Treasure is a side quest in the Xion region in Stellar Blade. This article will guide you on how to complete the sidequest ‘Stolen Treasure‘ in Stellar Blade, which on April 26, 2024.

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Starting Location

This quest is available after the main mission: Altess Levoire. To start the quest, speak with the NPC (Lyle). Refer to the location below. 

He will say that his daughter stole his valuable Buddha statue. NPC wants the player to bring back his valuable Buddha statue.

Question the merchant at the Scrap Market

Head to the Sister’s Junk. Speak with Kaya and ask her “Arin’s whereabouts”. She will tell the player to look at the Scrap Planes in the Wasteland.

Go to the Villa

Go to the eastern part of the Wasteland as shown in the map below.

You will find a building with a large orb on top of it named “Holiday”. Climb up the ladder to reach the top and pick up the Document Arin’s Journal. Then speak with the robot on the opposite side.

Climb down the ladder and go near the hill to the east. Use you hear someone screaming for help. Use your scan to spot Arin. 

To reach her, approach from the south to access the hilltop. Clear out any enemies, and speak to her. Finally, return to Lyle to end the quest.

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