Storehouse: All Collectibles (Rots, Hat, Spirit Mail) | Kena Bridge of Spirits Puzzles Guide

This guide shows how to get all the collectibles in the ‘Storehouse’ area in ‘Kena: Bridge of Spirits’. There are a total of 5 collectibles in Storehouse (3 Rots, 1 Hat, 1 Spirit Mail).

#1. Rot 1/3

The rot is underneath the rocks on the left side of the big door as shown below. After getting the bomb ability, turn left and use the ability on the rocks to lift them and get the rot.

#2. Rot 2/3

This rot is at the highlighted location in the basement area. You will reach there while looking for a power crystal. After sliding through a tunnel you will reach a big chamber with a bunch of enemies. When the corruption is gone you will see a blue flower above a platform as shown in the second picture below. Zip up to the platform and open the chest there to get the rot.

#3. Hat 1/1 (Beetle)

The hat is in the same chamber where you got the previous rot. On one side of the room, you will find a broken platform as shown in the second picture below. Throw a bomb on the broken platform for it to levitate and form a staircase. Jump through the levitated platform to get inside the secret room up top on the left side.

#4. Rot 3/3

Go to the top of the levitated platform mentioned above. On a corner, you will see a breakable stone. Throw a bomb on the stone to break it and reveal a blue flower. Grapple to the flower location. Hit the switch at the center of the vertical platform as shown in the picture below. This will make the vertical platform horizontal. Use it to climb up to reach the left power pillar. Climb the staircase here and you will reach a breakable stone wall. Use the bomb to break the stone wall and move ahead. Here you will find a purple symbol. Stand on the symbol and use pulse to start a shooting mini-game. 5 targets will appear. Shoot them to get the rot.

#5. Spirit Mail 1/1

On the right side of the big door, you will find a few rocks as shown below. Throw a bomb on the rocks to make them levitate. Jump to the top of the levitated rocks. Please note that you cannot grab these rocks. You will have to double jump to reach the top of the floating rocks.

After you have jumped to the top of the floating rocks, throw another bomb on the rocks in the front as shown below. This will levitate the rocks. Jump on them to reach the platform above.

Here you will be attacked by a few enemies. After you have defeated them, a blue bulb will appear as shown below. Use pulse on the bulb to clean the corruption. Then go inside the room to get the Spirit Mail.

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