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This guide shows the location of all collectibles in the Downtown Brooklyn district in the Spiderman 2 game, which was released on 20 October 2023. The list of Downtown Brooklyn Collectibles is shown below.

  • 2 x Marko’s Memories
  • 3 x Photo Ops
  • 1 x FNSM Requests
  • 1 x Prowler Stashes
  • 2 x EMF Experiments
  • 2 x Hunter Blinds
  • 1 x Hunter Bases
  • 4 x Spider-Bots
  • 1 x Mysterium

1) Marko’s Memories

Marko’s Memory (1/2): Broken Promise

The Marko Memory in Downtown Brooklyn is located near the central part of the district, tucked away in an alley between two tall buildings.

Marko’s Memory (2/2): Together Again

In Downtown Brooklyn, the Marko Memory is situated in the western section close to certain ruins. This crystal only appears after you’ve gathered the initial 13 memories. Activating this crystal transports you to an alternate dimension. Simply follow the straightforward path until you reach a massive crystal at the end.

2) Photo Ops

Photo Op (1/3): Now That’s a Bridge

Snap a picture of the bridge from the street.

Photo Op (2/3): Beach Party

Find the Photo Op at the ‘beach’ on the west side of Downtown Brooklyn. Take a picture of the group of people in front of the sand hand.

Photo Op (3/3): Champion of Champions

Look for this Photo Op in the South-Eastern part of Downtown Brooklyn, near the amusement park. Take a photo of the guy standing in front of the hotdog statue.

3) FNSM Requests – Find Grandpa

FNSM requests are little side quests where you must do something for quest givers and you need to complete Main Quest 18: Wings of My Own. Go to the location marked on the map below and talk to the woman under the arch to start the quest.
Complete Guide: FNSM Requests – Find Grandpa

4) Prowler Stashes

Go to the top of the Building at the location shown in the picture below. Scan the rod on the roof as shown in the second picture below. Then stabilise the code by holding the yellow circles inside the grey boxes. Once it’s done, go to the top roof and pull up the rod by pressing L1+R1. This will open the hatch on the wall behind the rod, revealing another panel.

Scan the panel as shown in the picture below. Then stabilise the code by holding the yellow circles inside the grey boxes. Once it’s done, pull the panel to reveal the Prowler Stash.

5) EMF Experiments

EMF Experiments (1/2) – Prospect Park: Bee Drones

You can try this Experiment once you’ve finished “Queens Apiary: Bee Drones.” EMF Experiments involve going to a special place and playing a small game there. Go to the marked spot to begin the EMF Experiments – Prospect Park: Bee Drones.

First, you must shoot 10 purple targets (rats).

After that, you have to identify five places for bee nests, but in the middle of it, the drone is captured, and you lose the connection.

Your next job is to find out where the bee drone is. Head to the spot marked in the park. At this point, you’ll see four nearby buildings marked. The right one is the third from the top, as shown on the map below.

Go up to the rooftop and stand on the antenna to reconnect with the drone.

Now, you’ll take control of the drone inside the room. Shoot the containers in the room to let the bees out, which will make the criminals open the door. Then, defeat all of them to finish this experiment.

EMF Experiments (2/2) – Brooklyn Heights: Energy

In this experiment, you need to use web-wings to go up to a certain height and place wind turbines. To start, go to the marked spot to begin the EMF Experiments – Brooklyn Heights: Energy.

To do this experiment, you need to glide through the air using web-wings until you reach a certain height to set up wind turbines. You can achieve this by following the paths of the winds that you can see by scanning.

Once you’ve reached a specific height, you’ll be instructed to put down five turbines.

After you’ve set up all five turbines, one of them may stop working.

Go to the turbine where you’ll need to handle some Talon drones and Hunters. After defeating the enemies, toss the turbine to get it working again and finish the experiment.

6) Hunter Blinds

Hunter Blinds (1/2)

Hunter Blinds (2/2)

7) Hunter Bases

8) Spider-Bots

Spider-Bot (1/4): Peni Parker

Peni Parker, the Spider-Bot, can be found in the northeastern part of Downtown Brooklyn. Look for it on the south wall of the building with rectangular glass windows.

Spider-Bot (2/4): Sensational Spider-Man

You can locate it on the western side of Downtown Brooklyn. On your map, find the highway that runs straight from north to south. Go to the middle of this highway section where there’s an opening underneath. The Spider-Bot can be found on the southern wall.

Spider-Bot (3/4): Mysterio

The Spider-Bot named Mysterio is situated at the southern tip of Downtown Brooklyn. Go to the central roof of the southeastern building. Examine the structures on the middle rooftop to spot the Spider-Bot moving along the inside wall of one of them.

Spider-Bot (4/4): Superior

You’ll discover the Superior Spider-Bot in the southeastern area of Downtown Brooklyn. Look for it on the support columns on the north side of the lake, specifically beneath the train bridge.

9) Mysterium – Fear Of Heights

You can access Mysteriums once you complete Main Quest 13: Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt. Mysteriums are small combat challenges that come with three ratings based on how well you do: bronze, silver, and gold.
Mysterium Challenge Requirement at Fear Of Heights (Downtown Brooklyn): Knock enemies into the void

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