Stronghold Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

Stronghold Walkthrough & Guide

From the Altar, follow the yellow board sign in the northeast direction. Open the big gate with Iron Insignia Key, climb the stairs.

Side Story: Otto’s Mill – Take a left at the junction, before the stairs.
Cannibal’s Plunder Treasure

When you reach the Forbidden Woods, deals with all the Lycans who show up


Continue up the hill and into the ruins. Take the ramp on the right (south) wall, and follow it around anti-clockwise. Dealing with the Lycans as they appear.

At the top, head to the door on the east wall. Climb up the ladder in the northeast corner and pull the lever. Deal with a group of Lycans. Jump below and reach the other side via stairs to pull the second lever.


Go to the far left side and take a zipline to cross to the far side. Continue dealing with the Lycans and follow the linear path to reach the stairwell. Take the stairs down. At the very bottom, squeeze through the narrow gap. Follow the tunnel down into the arena and the boss fight will start.

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