Suigetsu Pool: Secret Luxurious Chest | Watatsumi Island | Genshin Impact 2.1

There is one Luxurious Chest near the ‘Palace in a Pool‘ domain in Suigetsu Pool. Suigetsu Pool is on the northeast side of Watatsumi island as shown in the picture below. To get the luxurious chest you will first need to drain out water from the pool. This article shows how to drain out water from Suigetsu Pool and get the luxurious chest.

Drain the water from Suigetsu Pool

First I will show how to drain out the water from Suigetsu Pool in a step-by-step manner.

Step 1: Activate the 4 Lightning Strike Probes

At the top of the pool, you will find 4 sealed electro pillars. Right behind each electro pillar, you will find a Lightning strike probe. You need to activate all 4 probes to unseal the electro pillars.

To activate the probes, you have to make the compass of the probe point towards the protruding edge of the probe base. The compass points towards players or enemies charged with electro element. Summon electrogranum from the electrogranum plant in this area to charge your character with electro. Then stand in front of the protruding edge of the probe. This will make the compass point towards the protruding edge and activate the probe. The probe will start glowing and you will know that it is activated.

To complete the Lightning Strike Probe puzzle, you will need to make all four probes glow simultaneously. The electrified probe will lose the charge after some time, so you will have to be fast. Also, the electrogranum will disappear after some time. When that happens, go to the plant and summon the electrogranum again.

Step 2: Activate the Electro Pillars

Once you have activated the four Lightning Strike Probes, the electro pillars will be unsealed. Now activate all the four electro pillars by striking them with electro attacks. When all the four electro pillars are activated, the water inside the pool will lower halfway down.

Step 3: Swim down the tunnel

After the water is lowered halfway, dive down the pool and swim in the opposite direction of the domain entrance. Swim inside the submerged tunnel until you reach a tree going to the upper floor as shown in the picture below. Climb on the tree to go to the upper floor.

Step 4: Open the Door

On this floor, you will find a few slime condensates. Defeat them. The door here is locked. To unlock the door, interact with three buttons on the walls in this room as shown below.

Step 5: Turn on the Final Switch

After unlocking the door, enter the next room and climb up the wall on the right side to reach the upper floor. On this floor interact with the switch on the corner as shown below to completely drain out the water from the pool.

Luxurious Chest Location

After the water is cleared, go back and jump down into the circular area pool where the Domain gate is present. Go down the corridor (opposite the domain gate) and turn left in the middle of the corridor as shown below.

In this room jump through the windows on the right wall as shown below.

In the next room, you will find a closed gate at the end, interact with the lever on its left to open the gate. Go through the gate to the next room.

In this room, you will find an Electrogranum plant.

Summon Electrogranum from the plant and go back to the previous room. In this room, climb on the wall on the right side and use Electrogranum to pass through the thunder barrier.

After crossing the thunder barrier, see up and you will see an Electroculus at the top, near the ceiling. Climb the wall upto the Electroculus level. Here you will see a Luxurious chest on a small platform. Jump to reach the platform and get the chest.

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