Super Mario RPG: All Melody Bay Tadpole Music Puzzles Guide

This article will guide you to help you complete all Melody Bay Tadpole Music Puzzles Guide Super Mario RPG (2023).

At the start of the area, stand on the stone right in the front as shown in the picture below. This will let you meet Frog Sage and befriend the Tadpoles. This is part of the main story and is required to solve the puzzle.

Now proceed ahead and talk to the tadpole in the corner. It will tell you the tune of its favorite song, as shown in the picture below. You need to play this tune to solve the puzzle.

Melody Bay Song #1: Frog Sage Suite No. 18 (Alto Card)

Jump on the tadpole to play a note as shown in the picture below. Play the notes 6-5-1-2-3-2-3-2 as shown in the second picture below to complete the puzzle. On completing the puzzle, you will receive an Alto Card, which is a Juice Bar membership card.

Melody Bay Song #2: Moleville Miners’ Song (Tenor Card)

To solve the next Melody Bay puzzle, go through Moleville and Moleville Mines in the game. Save the kids in the tunnels, and after your mine cart crashes, return to Tadpole Pond to play another tune.

Play the notes 1-3-6-3-2-5-4-3

Melody Bay Song #3: Monstro Town Star Song (Soprano Card)

To finish the last Melody Bay puzzle in Super Mario RPG, go to Monstro Town and visit the elder’s house. Look upstairs for a starfish on a shelf, and interact with it to hear a tune.

Afterward, go back to Tadpole Pond/Melody Bay and jump on the tadpoles in the given order.

Play the notes 5-4-3-2-6-3-2-1

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