Susuyai Shrine Walkthrough | Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Susuyai Shrine Walkthrough

This guide shows how to complete the Susuyai Shrine in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, released on 12th May 2023. The Susuyai Shrine is in Passeri Greenbelt at the location shown in the pictures below.

As you enter the shrine, you will see a few carts going across. One of the carts will be carrying a chest. Shoot the wheel of the cart to stop it as shown in the picture below. Then climb the cart and open the chest to get Arrow x5.

Now use the Ultrahand ability to place one of the carts in front of the slope as shown in the picture below. Quickly climb up the cart and ride it to the other side. If the cart isn’t moving then hit a wheel to get it moving.

On reaching the other side, you will find an iron gate that can be opened by rotating a shaft. Take out a wheel from the cart and attach it to one of the handles of the rotating shaft as shown in the picture below. Now hit the wheel and the shaft will start rotating, opening the gate.

Proceed ahead and you will find a platform attached to the rails. Use the Ultrahand ability to take out the platform and place it down. Then grab a monorail crane and attach it to the platform as shown in the picture below. Now attach the platform back onto the rails.

Hop on the platform and hit the wheel. This will make the platform move as shown in the picture below. Interact with the symbol on the other side to complete the shrine.

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