Sweet Fifteen Treasure Hunt | El Unicornio Horse | Far Cry 6 Walkthrough

  • Post published:October 7, 2021
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This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the “Sweet Fifteen” treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. You can start the treasure hunt by reading the note at the highlighted location in Sierra Perdida, El Este.

Finish the quinceanera and open the present

After reading the note, enter the building. In the main hall, you will find a podium with a button on it as shown below. To activate the button, you will need to flip four switches.

Switch 1: Go to the small room on the right side of the podium. Here you will find a red button on the wall behind electrified ground as shown below. carefully jump over the furniture to reach the button. Press the button to disable the electrified wire. Then enter the room on the right side of the button to find the first switch and flip it on. In this room, you will also see a staircase, but the door at the top of the staircase is locked.

Switch 2: The second switch is behind the locked door mentioned above. To unlock the door, go back to the main hall. Behind the podium, you will see some crates as shown below. Jump on the crates to reach the platform above. From here, you can see the lock at the back of the door (see the second picture below). Shoot the lock to unlock the door. Once the door is unlocked, go back and climb the stairs. Then go to the end of the room, where you will find the second switch.

Switch 3: Go back to the platform from where you shot the lock. From there, jump to the catwalk as shown below. Walk ahead on the catwalk till the end of the hall, to reach the third switch (see the second picture below).

Switch 4: On the catwalk, you will find an entrance to a room as shown in the picture above. In this room, jump down the hole on the floor to reach the fourth switch.

After you have flipped all four switches, go back to the podium and press the button on it. This will open a door at the end of the hall. Go through the door to get El Unicornio (Horse).

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