Take the Biscuit Quest Guide | Hogwarts Legacy

Take the Biscuit Side Quest Walkthrough

This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the Take the Biscuit side quest in the Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023. The quest will become available after you have completed the Astronomy Class main quest.

Talk to the goblin in Hogsmeade

Once the quest becomes available, go and talk to Garnuff under the bridge near West Hogsmeade Floo Flame as shown in the picture below.

Find the Poacher Camp where Biscuit is held

For the next objective, go to the southeast side of North Ford Bog to find the Poachers Camp as shown in the pictures below.

Rescue Biscuit

Defeat the enemies in the Poachers Camp. Inside the camp, you will see a cage with many mooncalves inside them. Open the level 2 lock on the cage as shown in the picture below to free the mooncalves.
Note: Due to a bug, the lock might not appear on the cage. There is no fix for this bug. It’s a known issue and will be probably fixed in the next update.

Now that all the mooncalves are free, you have to catch Biscuit. Biscuit is a White Female Mooncalf. Use the Disillusionment spell to get close to the mooncalves. You can identify Biscuit by looking at the top of the screen when auto-locking on a mooncalf as shown in the picture below. Now go near Biscuit and use your Nab-Sack to catch it. This will complete the objective.

Return to Garnuff

Go back and talk to Garngruff to complete the objective.

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