• Post published:January 19, 2023
  • Post category:Free Games

Tanks is a shooting game in which you can duel with an AI or a friend. Take turns launching hunks of explosive metal into the air, and then smile as they come crashing down on your opponent, obliterating terrain or the enemy tank itself. But you’ll have to make sure you have the angle just right. You’ll also earn money! Spend it on upgrading your tank, or buying additional items. Keep being victorious, and you’ll be the greatest tank in all the land. This game is not compatible with Mobile.


In this entirely keyboard-controlled action game. Move around with the left and right arrows, and angle your shots with the up and down arrows. Cycle between your different items with Q and E, and increase your firepower with PG Up and PG Down. When you have the perfect attack lined up, hit the space bar. Between matches, you can spend gold on new items. Just click the boxes to the right.

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