Temaria Game: Find The Temari | Inazuma World Quest | Genshin Impact 2.0

Temaria Game is a world quest in the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact 2.0. This article shows how to get ‘The Temaria Game’ world quest, where to find the Temari, and the reward for completing the quest.

How to start Temaria Game Quest: Kid Kujirai Location

You get this quest by talking to Kid Kujirai. You will find Kid Kujirai in Byakko Plain at the location as shown in the picture below. You will find him standing in front of some bushes. He will tell you that he wants to play a game of Temari with you. The rules of the game are that he will hide a Temari nearby and if you find it within 30 seconds then you win. He will also tell you that he has some good stuff and if you win then he will give you the good stuff.

Find the Temari Challenge

The challenge is to find the hidden Temari within 30 seconds. You can find the Temari using the distance indicator at the top of the screen. To find the Temari, jump down the cliff onto the beach at the location as shown in the picture below. Then turn around and you will find the Temari inside a crack on the mountain wall.

Play Temari Game in Co-op

After you have completed the challenge, Kid Kujirai will tell you that you can play the Temari game with your friends in co-op. He will further explain that when you hide a Temari, you have to hide it within the time of a Temari song. The person who is looking for it will also find it within a song’s time.


Adventure Experience: 150 EXP
Primogens x 20
Mora x 25000

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