Temir Mountains Luxurious Chests Location in Genshin Impact 3.6

This guide shows you how to get the Luxurious Chests located at Temir Mountains in the game of Genshin Impact 3.6. There is only 1 Luxurious Chest available in this region.

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Go to the teleport waypoint to the east of Tunigi Hollow as marked on the map.

Upon arriving at your destination, descend into the hole located at the center of the room and make your way to the platform below.

From there, glide down to reach the elevator situated in the middle, which will transport you to the lower level. Refer below image.

Once you reach the bottom, leave the mechanical structure and proceed towards the tunnel located on your right. After a short while, you will arrive at Hangeh Afrasiyab.

Upon reaching Hangeh Afrasiyab, you’ll need to cross a big gap to reach the giant gate on the opposite side. To do so, ascend the cliff located on your right until you can access the gate situated in front of you.

After crossing the huge gap, you will find the luxurious chest in a corner on the right side of the gate half buried in the sand

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