The Abandoned Village: All Collectible Locations Guide | God of War Ragnarok

This guide will show you where to find all “The Abandoned Village” Collectibles in God of War Ragnarok released on November 8th, 2022. There are 8 Collectibles in The Abandoned Village which is part of the area of Vanaheim.


These collectibles can be found while doing the Main Quest 13: Creatures of Prophecy or you can return to the area after doing the complete story.

1) Odin’s Raven

This area can be accessed from the Eastern Barri Woods side. Drop down the wall at the end of Eastern Barri Woods and use the zip line to cross the water and reach a new area (The Abandoned Village).

Enter the cabin on the left and you will see Odin’s Raven sitting in a tree.

2) Lore (Rune Read – Prayer to Freya)

Note: The Spear weapon can be obtained by completing Main Mission 10: Forging Destiny.

Throw the spear towards the wind/gas coming from a nearby wooden board. Swing across the water and continue along the river till you reach a climbing section.

Climb up the wall and then cross the waterfall (don’t climb to the top). Use the grappling point to leap across the river before entering a cave.

Rotate the crane and then swing across using Chaos Blades. The Lore is on the left wall (blue lettering) within a chamber on the other side.

3) Legendary Chest (Shatter Star Shield – Shield)

Go to the left from the Lore (previous collectible). Pull the rubble out of the way with the Chaos Blades and squeeze through the gap behind it.

Follow that linear path until you get to a golden chain to climb. 

Throw the axe at the plant near the purple mist to freeze it. 

Climb the cliff and look to your right for a Legendary Chest covered by purple mist.

4) Lore (Scroll – Chores)

Climb up the next ledge near the Legendary Chest and cross the water using the zip line. When you reach the other side, hurl a spear against the left wall and swing across to the higher level. Here you will find Lore lying on the floor.

Note: The Spear weapon can be obtained by completing Main Mission 10: Forging Destiny.

5) Draugr Hole (Chaos Spark)

Enter the cave just in front of the previous collectible (lore) to find Draugr.

6) Legendary Chest (Rönd of Restoration – Shield Attachment)

After defeating the Draugr, squeeze through the gap behind it to reach the Legendary Chest.

7) Nornir Chest

Backtrack to the location where you have planted the spear on the wall. Then go to the left to find another climbing section at the end.

Climb up to the top and follow the path until you reach a rotatable crane section.

Crane Puzzle

Head to the left corner and use Chaos Blades to clear the blockage surrounding the brazier.

Throw the axe twice to turn the crane and use the grappling point to jump to the platform on the left side.

Throw the axe twice again to turn the crane and then pull the burning brazier toward you. When the burning brazier is released it will swing back and clear the blockage on the other end of the bridge. This will clear the way to cross the broken. 

How to get Nornir Chest

Nornir Chest is now beneath the broken bridge. To open the Nornir Chest pull the burning brazier to light Touch #1 and #2. Cross the bridge and then light the third Nornir brazier near the river using the Chaos Blades. After all 3 torches are lit up Nornir Chest can be opened.


8) Legendary Chest (Helios Flare – Light Runic Attack)

Continue down the linear path after the broken bridge until you reach the next rotatable crane.

Drop down into the little cave on the right. You can take down a pillar at the cave’s corner to remove the obstacle that was obstructing the crane.

Climb back up and turn the crane to swing across, walk towards the end of the ledge to find the Legendary Chest on the other side.

Rotate the crane again and jump across the gap to reach the Legendary Chest.

9) Nar’s Cup (needed to craft Relic “Hilt of Tyrfing”)

Defeat Blatton to earn the Nar’s Cup. Blatton is shown on the map by a red symbol. Sail up the Barri Woods river from Freyr’s Camp. Follow the path to the Blatton location in Abandoned Village. This is an alternate path If the path past the Legendary Chest is blocked.

It’s not counted in the collectible but you need it to craft Relic “Hilt of Tyrfing” for the trophy “Collector”. 

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