The Abandoned Village Nornir Chest Puzzle Solution | God of War Ragnarok Collectibles Guide

This guide shows the location of all Nornir Chests and how to solve the puzzles to open these Nornir Chests in “The Abandoned Village” area of God of War Ragnarok.

1) The Abandoned Village Nornir Chest Puzzle Solution

Note: These collectibles can be found while doing the Main Quest 13: Creatures of Prophecy or you can return to the area after doing the complete story.

The location of the Nornir chest is shown in the picture below. To unlock the Nornir chest, you need to ignite the torch above three seals.

How to get Nornir Chest

First, head to the left corner and use Chaos Blades to clear the blockage surrounding the brazier so that it can be rotated.

Blazer #1

Throw the axe to turn the crane and then pull the burning brazier toward you. When the burning brazier is released it will swing back to light the Torch 1.


Torch #2

Jump to the left platform. Hit the crane multiple times to bring the brazier near it. And then swing the burning brazier toward torch 2 to light it.

Torch #3

Cross the bridge and then light the third torch near the river using the Chaos Blades. Nornir Chest is now beneath the broken bridge. You can open the chest after lighting all three torches.

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