All Fecund Blessings Chest Locations – Day 3 | The Afterparty | Genshin Impact 3.1

This guide shows the location of all 8 “The Afterparty” in the event Of Ballads and Brews Event of the game Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact’s Of Ballads and Brews event, celebrates the Weinlesefest, one of Monstadt’s most important holidays. The event runs from September 29, 2022, to October 17, 2022, while you can exchange Festive Fever rewards until October 24, 2022.

#1 Chest Locations

Near a cart, in front of Dawn Winery.

#2 Chest Locations

On the higher ground behind some huts un Springvale

#3 Chest Locations

South of Dawn Winery, near some grapes plants

#4 Chest Locations

below the giant tree in Windrise, not far from the Statue of Seven.

#5 Chest Locations

Near an enemy camp, south of the previous location and across the river.

#6 Chest Locations

On the ledge of the cliff and waterfall.

#7 Chest Locations

Near market area, north of Springvale

#8 Chest Locations

Behind some huts in Springvale

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