The Below: All Collectible Locations Guide | God of War Ragnarok

This guide will show you where to find all of the Collectibles in the area of “The Below” in God of War Ragnarok released on November 8th, 2022. There are 3 Collectibles in “The Below” which is part of the area of Alfheim.

To get to ‘The Below,’ proceed through Alfheim > The Strond > The Canyons > The Barrens > The Below. As soon as you approach the Barrens, you receive the Favor “Secret of the Sands” which leads you below into a cave called “The Below.”

1) Lore (Rune Read – Patience)

Enter the cave to reach The Below area. This region has a linear path. Use the purple crystal and levitated axe to destroy the set of three blockages on your way. 

Climb up the ledge directly and look to your right as shown in the image. Use the purple crystal to destroy the set of three blockages. The lore is behind the blockages.

1)  Nornir Chest

The Nornir Chest is located behind a closed gate right after the lore, and you must first unlock the gate by the Nornir Chest.

Climb up the ledge directly before the Nornir Chest area and turn left. Use the zip line to cross the gap.

Once on the other side, turn right to find a climbing section on the mountain wall. There are two gates on the other side of the gap that you must unlock. Please see the image below.

Gate #1

Climb the mountain stretch to get to the other side and then open it

Gate #2

Climb the mountain after breaking the three seals with your axe.

Go around the mountain to reach the back side of Gate #2 and open it.

Nornir Chest Puzzle

With both gates open now, you need to hit the 3 seals with your axe. You must hit them in quick succession before they turn back on. 

Seal #1

The first is upstairs in a window (inside) near Gate #2

Seal #2-#3

The second seal is in front of the Nornir Chest, and the third is in the tunnel next to the Nornir Chest. 

Hit them in that order with the axe quickly. You can retry if the seals turn back on.

3) Legendary Chest (Shoulder Straps of Radiance – Chest Armor)

After destroying the Hafgufa’s bindings you have to open the hive cage on the surface. Progress forward and you will ascend through a hole. You will find a Legendary Chest in the last room just before reaching the surface.

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