The Burrows: All Collectible Locations | God of War Ragnarok

This guide will show you where to find all of the Collectibles in “The Burrows” in the game God of War Ragnarok. There are 4 Collectibles in The Burrows which is part of the area of Alfheim. You can reach “The Burrows” by entering the cave in The Forbidden Sands.


  • You will need the Spear to get all collectibles (It gets unlocked from Main Mission 10: Forging Destiny). 
  • Access to The Forbidden Sands is possible after Main Quest 6: The Reckoning

How to reach The Burrows:

Head to the western part of the Barrens in Alfheim and use the rune lock to open the gate. Go through the linear path to reach The Forbidden Sands. Then enter the cave to reach The Burrows.

1) Lore (Rune Read – Sacrifice)

Clear the sound stone at the bottom of the cave and then go to the path on the right.

Drop down and look to the left using sonic arrows to open the hive and destroy the sound stone. Continue on the right path as shown in the image.

In the new area, follow the left cave wall to go around to reach the new room. Refer to the below image.

Here destroy the blue crystal to destroy the hive and continue further.

Defeat all the enemies, climb up the ledge and then drop down. Check the left wall to find glowing letters.

2) Legendary Chest (Hel’s Touch – Light Runic Attack)

Squeeze through the gap on the right wall.

Drop to the platform below and clear 1 more hive. Continue in a linear path until you reach the bottom of a larger area. Refer to the below images.

At the bottom go to the right and climb to the ledge at the end of the area.

Throw an axe at the crystal to clear the path on the left wall.

Now, climb up the left wall. Then jump on the ledge with the Legendary Chest.

3) Artifact (Tributes to Freyr – Pipe)

Drop down to the bottom and climb up the same ledge from where you cleared the hive earlier. Follow the path to reach the area with Jellyfish.

Drop down below where you see the first red hives and clear them with your axe.

Climb up and continue on the path till the end. Look to the left and use purple crystal to clear some hives that will unlock the grappling point.

Swing to the other side and clear other hives.

Drop down on the right side to find Artefacts.

4) Legendary Chest (Nemean Crush – Heavy Runic Attack)

It is next to the Artifact in the same room.

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