The Catalyst Quest | Fallout 76 Steel Reign Walkthrough

The Catalyst Quest

‘The Catalyst’ is the fifth and final quest of Fallout 76’s eighth major expansion, Steel Reign, which concludes the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. This quest starts automatically after completion of the main mission ‘A Satisfied Conscience’. Go to the bottom of the page to see the video walkthrough of ‘The Catalyst’ mission.

For the first objective, talk to the Brotherhood Leadership at Fort Atlas where Doctor Blackburn is being interrogated. Dr. Blackburn will inform that his associates are continuing the experiments in a laboratory hidden beneath West Tek Headquarters. Head to West Tek Research center at the location as shown in the picture below.

Enter the West Tek Research Center and make your way towards the Research wing. You will have to face multiple super mutants on your way. Interact with Dispensary lab access terminal, which is next to a locked door leading to the objective marker. The terminal will tell you that Dispensary Lab is restricted to authorized personnel and that you will need to go to the upstairs control room to gain access. This will update the objective marker to the control room.

Follow the objective marker to reach the control room. You will have to fight a lot of super mutants on the way. Interact with the control room terminal and open the door to the Dispensary Lab. Inside the dispensary collect the West Tek Research Wing access code.

Follow the objective marker and use the Research wing access terminal to open the door to the research wing. Inside you will have to fight many super mutants. Defeat them and then call the elevator to access Dr. Blackburn’s West Tek Laboratory.

After you reach the laboratory, defeat the Hellcat mercenaries.  Now Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin will join you accompanied by Dr. Blackburn. Regroup with the Brotherhood and follow them to Dr. Blackburn’s associates. Use Strength 8, Endurance 8, or Intelligence 4 to convince the associates to stop releasing FEV on the population.

Dr. Blackburn will inform you that the associates cannot stop the distribution process since it requires a code which only Dr. Blackburn knows. He will go inside where the associates are and betray the brotherhood and test the sample on himself. Drop through the hatch to reach the experiment area. Witness the experiment and see Dr. Blackburn turn into a monster. Next, you have to defeat him. You will be accompanied by Rahmani and Knight Shin during the fight. They will help you to defeat Dr. Blackburn.

After defeating Dr. Blackburn go to the Scientists’ viewing chamber to deal with the associates of Dr. Blackbur. Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin will again be at loggerheads on how to deal with the associates. Rahmani will ask to take the scientists to Fort Atlas and make them work under the Brotherhood whereas Knight Shin will ask for the execution of the scientists.

Side with Paladin Rahmani

If you decide to side with Paladin Rahmani, Knight Shin will refuse to serve the Fort Atlas anymore that threaten to go and inform the elders about the decision. At this point, you can choose to attack Knight Shin or let him go.

Go back to Fort Atlas for the ending of the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. Paladin Rahmani will inform everyone that Knight Shin has left the Appalachian Brotherhood and confer you with the title of Knight-Errant. At this point, you will have the option to flirt with Paladin Rahmani and Scribe Valdez. You can also talk to Russel Dorsey and Hewsen. After you have done talking to everyone, speak with Rahmani to complete the mission.

Paladin Rahmani announcment

Mutant threat has been cornered and removed. But it came with an unfortunate consequence. I’m sure you all know that relations between Shin and I have been strained for some time now. I’m afraid my leaving out his title is no mistake. Shin and his followers have decided to part ways with the Appalachian Brotherhood. I had every wish to worth together with shin on my mission and still do. But he is no longer open to discussion. His loyalty to the Elders is unshakable. He would rescind his Oath before besmirching the Brotherhood’s name. Should he ever open his mind, I will be ready to listen.

Video Walkthrough (side with Paladin Rahmani)

Side with Knight Shin

If you decide to side with Knight Shin, Paladin Rahmani will disagree with Shin’s decision and decided to leave the brotherhood to start anew elsewhere. At this point, you can choose to attack Paladin Rahmani or let him go. You will get options to kill scientists yourself or let Knight Shin do the task.

Go back to Fort Atlas for the ending of the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. Knight Shin will make an announcement on Paladin Rahmani and also on other things. You will confer with the title of Knight-Errant.

Knight Shin announcement (after killing Paladin Rahmani)

If you have killed Paladin Rahmani then Knight Shin will inform everyone that Paladin Rahmani had given her life to defend criminals and she was following her own misguided moral principles. The full transcript is below.

It pains me to say that Rahmani gave her life to defend these criminals. Her last act was not as a Brotherhood Paladin, but as a person following her misguided moral principles. Rahmani put her personal morals above the cornerstone of duty time and time again. Her irresponsibility threatens to shake apart the foundation of order that allows us to be an effective force of action. But however misguided her decisions were, Rahmani always acted with the intent to help humanity. If we were to retain anything from her leadership, let it be that.

This video is from Tof Gaming

Knight Shin announcement (without killing Paladin Rahmani)

If you have left Paladin Rahmani then Knight Shin will inform everyone that Paladin Rahmani betrayed the brotherhood code and she refuses to punish the criminals. She decided to leave the Appalachian Brotherhood and choose her own path in exile. The full transcript is below.

“The mutant threat has been removed at its source. You may have noticed that Rahmani is not the one making this announcement. This is because her value and those of the Brotherhood could no longer be reconciled. Rahmani betrayed the Brotherhood code when she cut us off from the Elders. Today her misconduct took the form of refusing to punish the criminal behind the mutant threat, and the countless deaths it caused. She couldn’t bear the weight of justice on her shoulders and thus chose to walk her own path, in exile. Rahmani put her personal morals above the cornerstone of duty time and time again. Her irresponsibility threatens to shake apart the foundation of order that allows us to be an effective force of action. But however misguided her decisions were, Rahmani always acted with the intent to help humanity.”

This video is from Game Guides Channel

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