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This article shows how to complete the Favor (Sub-Quest) ‘The Crucible’ in the area of Muspelheim in God of War Ragnarok. To reach Muspelheim you must first find two Muspelheim Seed Pieces from Legendary Chests in Svartalfheim.

1) Muspelheim Seed Piece #1

The first Muspelheim Seed is in the Legendary Chest of Modvitnir’s Rig. Paddle up to the boat dock of Modvitnir’s Rig. Jump up the first ledge as shown in the image below.

Climb to the wooden structure on the right.

Once you get on the platform, hit the golden circle by using your Leviathan Axe to turn the mechanism. This will open the gate.

Next, jump over the broken bridge on the other wooden structure. Climb up the structure to reach all the way to the top.

Legendary Chest is on top of the platform. Open it to find the 1st Muspelheim Seed Piece

2) Muspelheim Seed Piece #2

The second Muspelheim Seed is in the Legendary Chest of Access Alberich.

Note: To Access Alberich Hollow you first need the Spear (It gets unlocked from Main Mission 10: Forging Destiny). 

Go to Dragon Beach, which is depicted on the map. Climb the wooden building on the left side of the beach using the golden chain.

Then you must throw a spear toward the wind that is coming out of the wooden pole, which will create a route for you to climb up. 

This is not part of this mission: On the right corner is a ghost and he will give you the favor ‘The Lost Treasure‘.

Jump over to the large wooden bridge, then proceed to the bridge’s left end to reach a cave.

You will find a legendary chest covered with some gold ore. Pick an explosive projectile from the burning vase and blast the golden ore. Open the chest to find the Muspelheim Seed Half

Complete The first 6 Crucible Trials

In The Crucible, you head to the sub-arena behind the smithing shop

The Crucible Puzzle Solution

There are 3 paths going to different sub-arenas with a giant sword (left, center, right) in the East direction. Each sub-arena offers a unique set of challenges: you need to clear two challenges in each set sub-arena. After doing the first 6 challenges (3 x 2 = 6 total) the Nornir Chest will get unlocked.

  • F Sub-Arena:
    • Weapon Mastery
    • Flawless
  • N Sub-Arena:
    • Feed the Rift
    • Ring out
  • R Sub-Arena:
    • Population Control
    • King of the Hill

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