The Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt | Far Cry 6 Walkthrough

  • Post published:October 8, 2021
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This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the “The Emerald Skull” treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. You can start the treasure hunt by reading the note on the top of the building at the highlighted location in Conuco, El Este.

Find the treasure (Follow Dr. Halfmain’s Trail)

After reading the note, go to the cave at the location shown below.

Enter the cave and proceed in a linear path. You will have to grapple a few times inside the cave. At the end of the path, you will find a corpse with a green skull on it. Take the skull and exit from the cave.

The objective marker will be updated now to Turey Caves. Go to the cave at the location shown below.

Enter the cave, and as you go a little ahead, you will find a statue as shown below. Interact with it. This will open the path to the treasure vault behind the statue.

Go inside and go up the stairs on the right side. Here you can see a grapple point. Use Grapple to reach the other side, with another statue there. Interact with the statue.

Now turn around and you can see another statue would have appeared on the stairs. Interact with the statue.

This will open a door at the top of the stairs as shown below.

Go through the door and climb the stairs. Climb the stone at the end of the stairs. Move forward and be careful of the tripwires. Destroy the wooden planks blocking the path, to reach the top of the treasure vault as shown below. Open the chest to complete the treasure hunt.

Reward: 150 Guerrilla XP, Ida’s War Dance (Charm), 1200 Yaran Pesos

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