The Eternal Campfire Collectibles | God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok: The Eternal Campfire Collectibles

There is only one collectible (Across the Realms Favor) in The Eternal Campfire area of the Midgard region in God of War Ragnarok. This guide will walk you through how to complete this favor.

Across the Realms Favor

To start the quest, you need to pick up a recipe in the Lake of Nine at the location marked in the picture below.

Find the recipe’s ingredients

There are four ingredients that you need to collect: Nordic Gourd, Elven Cap, Bantam Melon, and Prongfruit.

Find the Nordic Gourd (Midgard)

After collecting the recipe, turn around and go straight. Jump down the ledge and you will see the ingredient there in front of a painted heart as shown in the picture below.

Find the Elven Cap (Alfheim)

Go to the southwest portion of The Forbidden Sands, as shown below. Here you will see a broken pillar. Go underneath it and the ingredient will be on the right side as shown in the pictures below.

Find the Bantam Melon (Vanaheim)

This one is on the north side of The Sinkholes Mystic Gateway as shown in the pictures below.

Find the Prongfruit (Svartalfheim)

This ingredient is near the Nornir Chest in The Forge as shown in the pictures below.

Return to the campsite on the Lake of Nine

Return to the location where you got the recipe and interact with the pot to complete the favor.

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