The Forge: All Collectible Locations | God of War Ragnarok

This guide will show you where to find all of the Collectibles in the “The Forge” area in God of War Ragnarok, released on November 8th, 2022. There are 9 Collectibles in The Forge which is part of the area of Svartalfheim.

1) Odin’s Raven

Head to the Mystic Gateway in the Aurvangar Wetlands.

Take up the little train and it leads to the Forge area.

After the train ride, walk along the wooden ramp to find the raven flying up in the sky.

2) Artifact (Things Left Behind – Bari’s Grenade)

Take the first exit on the right as you walk on the wooden ramp.

Climb the ledge and descend to find the artefact hidden behind a wooden crate.

3) Nornir Chest

It is close to the artefact. Climb back up from the artefact and straight over to a small area with a green heart drawn on a stone (on the right side). The location of the Nornir chest is shown in the pictures below. To unlock the chest, you will need to destroy 3 totems simultaneously. You can do this by using Spear, which you will get during the main story mission.

Totem #1 is on the mountain wall in front of the chest. Totem #2 is far away on the left side of the chest. For Totem #3, take the path going right from the chest. Here you will find the totem near the wooden bridge. The location of the totems is shown in the pictures below. Hit the totems with a spear by pressing L2+R1. But make sure to not detonate them. After you have hit all three totems with spears, press the “Triangle” button to destroy them at once. This will unlock the chest. Open it to get Horn of Blood Mead.

4) Yggdrasil Rift

Exit the Nornir Chest area and take a right. Squeeze through the hole at the end of the area to find Yggdrasil Rifts. Yggdrasil Rifts is available after completing the main story.

5) Lore (Scroll – Dear Overseer)

Squeeze through the rocks at the right end of the Yggdrasil Rifts.

Follow the path on the right and climb up the first ledge on the right side.

This will take you to a little hut area with a lore scroll on the ground.

6) Lore (Rune Read – The Forge)

In the same area. Go behind the huts to find the lore ( blue letters ) on the wooden wall.

7) Legendary Chest (Atlas Eruption – Heavy Runic Attack)

Go through the wooden gate to will reach an area where a geyser puzzle took place during the story.

Throw your axe at the geyser to freeze it and lower the elevator. Get in the elevator and recall your axe to ride the elevator up.

The legendary chest is behind the locked gate. Cross the bridge on the left, climb up the ledge and then go to the right to reach the legendary chest.

8) Odin’s Raven

Return to the giant lift to cross the mountain.

Enter the cave and exit on the opposite side to locate the raven sitting on the mountain’s left wall.

9) Yggdrasil Rift (Lindwyrm + Gale Spark)

Climb the mountain wall where the Raven was sitting. If you don’t see a white making on the wall, explode a spear at it to make a path.

Continue on the way until you have to squeeze through a gap.

On the opposite side, throw two spears at the winds coming out of the walls.

Climb up both spears to find the rift.

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