The Gloomy Door Puzzle | Sojourners Ghastly Reverie | Honkai Star Rail 1.5

This article will guide you on how to solve the “The Gloomy Door Puzzle” for the quest Sojourners Ghastly Reverie in Honkai Star Rail 1.5

To open The Gloomy Door, find and break a special colored porcelain vase. There are two kinds of vases you need to look for – one is vermilion, which is like an orangish-red color, and the other is cerulean, which is a blue shade. Breaking the right vase will help you solve the puzzle and open the door.

Find the exit of the illusory Maze Part 2

To get through the first Gloomy Door, read the note for a clue. The note instructs you to leave the cerulean (blue) vase intact and to break all the vermilion (orange/red) colored vases. Follow these instructions to move forward!

Break two vermilion (orange/red) colored vases in the adjacent room. Be careful not to damage the blue vase. Proceed to the door, which will now open.

Find the exit of the illusory Maze Part 3

To pass through the second Gloomy Door, travelers must break three cerulean (blue) vases and leave all the vermilion (orange/red) colored vases intact. Follow these instructions to proceed through the door.

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