The Great Hall: All Collection Chests Locations | Hogwarts Legacy

The Great Hall: All 3 Collection Chests Locations

This guide shows the location of all 3 Collection Chests locations and how to get them in The Great Hall area inside Hogwarts in the Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023.

1) The Great Hall Collection Chest #1 (Great Hall)

Go to the end of the hallway on the north side of the Great Hall to find a puzzle door as shown in the pictures below. The solution for this puzzle is ?=8 and ??=3. Click here to see how to solve this puzzle. Open the door and go inside to find a collection chest.

2) The Great Hall Collection Chest #2 (Great Hall)

In the Great hall (Main Room), you will find a Level 1 locked door as shown in the picture below. Open it to get the collection chest behind it.

3) The Great Hall Collection Chest #3 (Huppelpuff Common Room)

Go down the stairs next to the Grand Staircase Floo Flame to reach the Hufflepuff Common Room. As you reach down, you will see some fruit pictures on the door as shown in the second picture below. Tickle the pear to open the door to the Kitchens. Enter the kitchen to find the collection chest inside.

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