The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign | Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade (Guide)

Where to find all the FLYERS in FF7 Remake Intergrade? 

Discovery Mission: The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign 
You’ll get this mission in Sector 7 Slums (Residential Area) after speaking to Old Snapper in Chapter 1 (Wutai’s Finest). The Old Snapper will give you the task of finding 6 missing Happy Turtle Flyers. This FF7 Remake Intergrade DLC walkthrough will show you the location of all the Happy Turtle Flyers. 
HINT: The Happy Turtle Jingle will start playing if a flyer is nearby (you’ll be notified. Check the top left corner of the screen). 


Hint: Some kids hid one somewhere 
This flyer is very close to the Old Snapper (quest giver). You’ll see kids playing to the right side of the Old Snapper. The flyer is on the wall (behind the boxes) in the right corner of the area where the kids are playing. 


Hint: Floating through the air 
This flyer is at the end of the alley (which is at the southeast side of the Sector 7 Slums – residential area). Go down the alley and jump across the box to get to the very end. You’ll see an orange-colored flying turtle balloon above.  
Shoot the flying turtle. The flyer will fall down on the ground. Jump across the box and collect the flyer from the ground. 


Hint: Near Old Snapper’s friend’s apartment building 
For this flyer go to the apartment building on the North-West corner of the Sector 7 Slums – residential area. This is the same building where Cloud was staying. The flyer is on the wall at the very end of the second-floor balcony (near the dog). 
Go upstairs and get to the end of the second-floor balcony without letting the dog notice you. Hide behind the boxes to avoid getting spotted by the dog. 


Hint: A cat took one on Culvent Street 
Culvent Street is on the left side of the Seventh Heaven Bar. At the end of the street, you’ll see a cat with the flyer. The cat will run after seeing you. Go after the cat into the area behind Culvent Street. You’ll see many cats in this area but only one cat has the flyer you’re looking for, and that cat is hiding behind the drums at the end of the area. 


Hint: On the town bulletin board 
The town bulletin board is in the Sector 7 Slums – Pillar Plaza. Leave the residential area via the east road and go towards the train station. The bulletin board is outside the factory gate and is pretty hard to miss. 


Hint: Near the old Talagger factory 
The last flyer is inside the Abandoned Talagger Factory in the area which is at the extreme right (see the map below). The flyer is on the wall behind the stack of boxes. You need to break the boxes to collect the flyer. 

Return to Old Snapper to complete the mission. 
REWARD: Magnify Materia. Turtle-tastic trophy will also unlock upon completing this mission. 

Watch the video walkthrough below to see the location of all Happy Turtle newsletters. 

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