The Hunting Grounds: Destroy the Holding cages | Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

Destroy the holding cages is an optional quest in Act 1 The Hunting Grounds of The Fury of Icewind. There are five holding cages that must be demolished. To destroy these holding cages, we’ll need five explosive barrels. This is a guide to where you would find explosive barrels and holding cages.

Explosive Barrel #1

The first explosive is available at the start of the level. Follow the main path you will find the barrel on the left side just after the big entry gate.

Holding Cage #1

Holding Cage is a small hut with a locked iron grilled gate. The holding cage can be found at Broken Temple Plaza. You can locate a holding cage at Broken Temple while doing the main objective, ‘Activate the runesword at the broken temple.’ 

Follow the main trail from Explosive Barrell #1 and turn left after crossing the first gap to reach the broken temple.

Explosive Barrel #2

It can also be found on a higher level of Broken Temple Plaza. A frozen crystal structure can be found at one end of the Broken Temple. Smash it to expose a secret ladder hiding beneath it. Climb the ladder to reach Explosive Barrel #2. 

Explosive Barrel #3

The location of Explosive Barrel #3 is on the way to the ‘fallen spire.’ The main objective will be ‘Activate the runesword at the fallen spire.’ Follow the main path towards the edge (end), then descend to the lower level to find Explosive Barrel #3.

Holding Cage #2-3

Both the holding cages are located at ‘fallen spire.’ To get to the area, take the main path. At the ‘fallen spire,’ you will face multiple enemies. Eliminate them all. Place both the explosive barrels against the Holding Cage’s gate to blast.

Explosive Barrel #4

Continue on with the main story objective, ‘Pass through the Kelvin spire to reach the freezing courtyard.’ You will come across an elevator at some time in the game. Go to the left, where you find an elevator, and drop down to find the Explosive barrel.

Holding Cage #4

Continue straight on the same road from Explosive Barrel #4 to reach ‘lookout camp’. The holding cage is located at the ‘lookout camp’. You will encounter several enemies.

You can also return to complete the main plot objectives. In any case, by following the main storyline, you will arrive at ‘lookout camp.’

Explosive Barrel #5

You will find the last explosive barrel on the path to Grove of Tempus. If you will follow the main storyline you will get the main objective ‘Reach the Grove of Tempus’.

You will get this objective after the main story objective ‘Activate the rune sword in the lookout camp‘. From ‘lookout camp’ use the portal to reach the path to Grove of Tempus.

From the entrance, take the main route toward the Grove of Tempus. At the start only you will find a big gate on the left. The Explosive Barrel is buried behind the rock blocks near the pillar. I have marked the location of the Explosive Barrel on the image below.

Holding Cage #5

Return to the portal from the Explosive Barrel #5 position. Take the path to the left. Jump across the gap. After the gap, there is a ‘Holding cage on the left.

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