The Hypocritical Oath – Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC (Resistance Mission)

Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC reintroduces two popular Watch Dogs characters (Aiden Pearce and Wrench) as playable heroes. the Bloodline DLC has 10 main missions and 19 side mission (resistance missions). This walkthrough will show you how to solve all of the area objectives / puzzles in Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC’s side mission The Hypocritical Oath.

Claire’s Request 1: The Hypocritical Oath

The Hypocritical Oath is the first side mission given Claire Waters. To see the detailed walkthrough of this resistance mission check out the video link at the bottom of the page.

Objective: Talk to Claire Waters

Claire Waters can be found in the Camden district, inside Bondwick Square. Head to the location marked on the map. Claire Waters will tell you to download Rempart’s “Premium Plan,” which is not publicly available because she is curious about it. One of Rempart’s representatives is on his way to Carcani to finalize the deal, and you must download the data.

Objective: Download documents from Carcani Rep (Stealth)

Carcani Medical facility is located on the Northern part of Camden district, not far from where you met Claire Waters. The location is highly fortified with enemies and hostile drones. First, you need to download the key (to enter the building) from a guard. The guard carrying the key is patrolling in front of the building (in the south and south-west side of the building). To download the key you can use your multidrone or you can hijack any of the drones flying nearby.

The Carcani Rep in inside the building. Send the multidrone inside the building through the shutter gate which is on the north-west corner of the facility. Stand outside the north-west wall of the facility and from there launch the multidrone. Open the Shutter gate and enter the building.  Just after entering through the shutter gate you’ll find a vent located beneath the table on the right. Drop into the vent. This vent will lead to the Carcani Rep’s room. Hack and download the document from Carcani Rep. Following this, Claire Waters will call you and instruct you to notify the NHS team.

Objective: Investigate the NHS organizer

Reach Cruciform Hospital located in the south-west part of Camden district. Head to the marked location to warn the NHS team. You will find NHS organizer is dead. Search the dead NHS organizer for the clues.

Objective: Investigate the area for Clues

Now you need to investigate the nearby area to collect more clues. The clue is beneath the red car. You can move the car back or front to reveal the hidden tablet.

Objective: Hack the Tablet

Hack the tablet to listen to Dr. Ibrahim’s audio file. You will discover Rempart hires Kelley to assassinate Dr. Ibrahim. Claire Waters will advise you in the cutscene to save the two hostages from Leather Lane, where Kelley frequently hangs out.

Objective: Rescue the NHS team (2/2)

Go to the marked location to rescue the hostage. You will encounter multiple enemies in the area whom you can easily neutralize in a gunfight. Once the area is clear free both the Hostages and escape the area.

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