The Innkeeper’s Husband Quest Guide | No Rest For The Wicked

This article will guide you step-by-step on how to complete all the objectives of the quest “The Innkeeper’s Husband” in the game No Rest For The Wicked, which was released on April 18, 2024

Starting Location

To start the quest, Head to the main gate of Sacrament and speak with Caroline in front of the Inn. She asks the player to find her husband who has gone missing at the Shallows, near Mariner’s Keep.

The Innkeeper’s Husband Walkthrough

As the quest starts, go to the Shallows area which is the starting area of the main quest “Sacrament”. As you approach the beach you will hear a man screaming for help from a ruined tower. Refer to the location on the map below.

Enter the tower and climb a few ladders to reach the top. Head to the left and jump across the bridge’s gap to find Gordon (Caroline’s Husband). Speak with Gordon (NPC), he will ask you to find an alternative way for him as he is stuck in the ruined tower.

To find an alternative way down for him, pick up the Western Bridge key from a corpse near Gordon (NPC).

Get down from the ruined tower. Head north and climb another tower as shown in the map.

On the top of the tower use the Western Bridge key to open the locked door. Follow the path to the left to find a giant wheel. Rotate the wheel to open a sealed gate.

Enter inside the newly opened gate and take an immediate left. Follow the linear path, and at the end kick the ladder down to reach Gordon. This ends the quest.

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