The Jungle: All Dragon Hunts | God of War Ragnarok

The Jungle All Dragon Hunts Locations

This guide shows the location of all dragon hunts and how to reach them in the Vanaheim Region in God of War Ragnarok. Click here to see all Jungle Collectibles Locations.

1) Dragon Hunt (Favor: What Lies Below)

Go to the top of the dam for the Return of the River favor as shown in the picture below.

As you reach the top of the dam, on the right wall you will see a glowing crack as shown in the picture below. Hit the crack with your spear and then detonate it. This will create a narrow gap in the wall. Squeeze through the wall to reach the dam gates. Now go west and you will see some air coming out from the wall on the right side as shown in the second picture below. Hit the spear on the hole. Then use it to jump to the other side. Now proceed ahead to find the Dreki. Kill the dreki to complete the dragon hunt.

2) Dragon Hunt (Favor: Trail of the Dead)

After completing the Return of the River favor, go down the dam elevator and hop on the boat there. Hop on the boat and row east. Soon you will see a dock on the right side (Dock 1 in the picture below). Don’t stop there right now. From there, start going left and make your way to Dock 2 as shown in the pictures below.

Hop off the boat and climb up the stairs. Then squeeze through the wall. After coming out, you will see a couple of Ogre on the right side as shown in the picture below. Kill these ogres. As you are fighting them, the dragon will come and take one of the Ogre. Make sure that you kill the remaining Ogre before leaving the area.

Now go back to the boat and row to Dock 1. Here you will see a Nornir Chest. Climb up the stairs in front of the Nornir Chest and climb up the wall on the right side as shown in the picture below. Then go right and jump down the ledge.

Here you will see a grappling point on the wall as shown below. Use the grappling points to jump to the top platform. There you will see some red vines on the opposite side. Use your sigil arrows and blade to burn the vines.

After burning the vines, jump to the other side using the grappling point there and then go left. Climb the wall at the end of the path as shown in the pictures below to reach the dragon’s feeding ground. Defeat The Corpse Eater there to complete the dragon hunt.

3) Dragon Hunt (Favor: Path of Destruction)

Note: Go to the Celestial Altar and change the time to DAY, if it’s not. You won’t be able to access the Stag during the night.

Go back to where you found the Ogres. Break the barrier on the west side and then use the grapple hook to jump to the other side as shown in the picture below. There you will find the Stag straight ahead.

Turn right from the stag. Then Jump across the gap and go left as shown in the picture below.

Proceed ahead and jump across the gap. Then squeeze through the wall as shown in the pictures below. Path of Destruction Favor starts automatically as you enter the area.

The hole that you jumped into is an elevator. Hit the white-board as shown in the picture below to lift the elevator gate up and quickly freeze the gear below the white-board to keep the elevator door open. Make sure to not summon back the axe as you need to keep the elevator door open.

Exit the door and open the door ahead to go outside. There you will find a couple of Gulons. Lure them back into the elevator as shown in the picture below. When they are inside the elevator, quickly step out and summon back the axe. This will trap the Gulons inside the elevator. Now pull the chain of the elevator as shown in the second picture below, sending the elevator up. This will lure the Drake.
Note: Even if you send only one Gulon to the top, the objective will be complete.

Go back outside and take the path going left. Keep moving ahead, hugging the left wall. You will have to climb a couple of ledges on the path and then jump down a wall. After that climb a chain as shown in the picture below. This will take you back to the wall squeezed you through at the start of the quest. You will have to fight a Slag Horn there. Defeat the Slag Horn to complete the quest.

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