The Last Day of Remuria Quest Guide | Genshin Impact 4.6

The Last Day of Remuria is the third quest under the Canticles of Harmony Quest quest chain in the Faded Castle. This article will guide you through all the objectives of the quest “The Last Day of Remuria” in Genshin Impact 4.6

Starting Location

The Last Day of Remuria quest starts automatically after the end of The Underwater Nocturne quest inside the Underwater Faded Castle.

Head to the Sea of Bygone Eras

As the quest starts, follow the cat and pass through the portal located at the corner of the stage.

Keep Exploring

In the underwater area, the traveler needs to continue to follow the cat until they find a giant glowing fish. Continue forward to follow the fish, then the traveler should see another giant fished chained up.

Break the chains that bind Scylla

After the cutscene player will get the objective to break the chains and free the Scylla.

First Chain

Follow the chain going toward the west and enter the cave. Talk to Este and then with legionnaires and try to persuade them into giving up arms. If you fail to gain their trust, you can fight and defeat them.

Head to the stone pillar. Use the power of “Symphony” and Hold to unleash a Play Soundwave to remove the chain. You may have to remove the wines also if you see any overgrowing around the stone pillar.

Second Chain

Proceed to the second chain to the southern side of the map where Narwhal’s spirit is going now.

Defeat the stone enemies then remove the chain from the stone pillar using the power of “Symphony”.

Third Chain

At the third chain, travelers should find four Washer Octopuses circling small flowers. Use your Symphony skill to pause the Octopus in its tracks, in such a position that they’re close to each of the smaller flowers in its vicinity.

Once the Octopus barriers align with the flowers correctly, the flowers will glow, and the note above the Washer Octopuses will change accordingly.

Do these for all four Washer Octopuses until all the flowers in their vicinity start to glow. Finally, remove the chain from the stone pillar using the power of “Symphony”.

Head to where Scylla is

After removing all the chains, go near Scylla to trigger a cutscene. Following the cutscene, press the space button to make Scylla shatter the seal. 

Start following Scylla and help it clear the path ahead until the game triggers another cutscene and ends the quest.

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