The Legend of Black Hand Riku | Iki Island | Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut Mythical Tales Walkthrough

There are two Mythic Tales in the Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island DLC Expansion released on 12th August 2021. One of the Mythic Tales you will get as soon as you arrive on Iki Island is The Legend of Black Hand Riku. In this mythic tale, your goal is to find a special set of armor: the Sarugami armor of pirate Black Hand Riku. This is a walkthrough on how to complete The Legend of Black Hand Riku and obtaining the Sarugami armor.

How to start – The Legend of Black Hand Riku Mythic Tales

Listen to Kashira Tales in Fune’s Refugee

To start The Legend of Black Hand Riku, you need to first complete Iki Island’s main tale ‘A Raider’s Return’. On completing the main tale, the starting location of the Mythic Tales will get automatically marked by a blue icon. I have attached a screenshot for reference.

To obtain the Mythic Tales, travel to Fune Refuge and speak with Kashira (NPC). The Fune Refuge is located on the western coast of Iki Island. Speak with Kashira at Fune Refuge to begin the cutscene in which he will tell you about the legendary pirate Black Hand Riku, who hides his armor set somewhere in a cave on Iki Island. He informed you that one of his crew members ( Minato ), can assist you in locating the cave. You can find her near Mt Takenotesuji.

Leave Fune’s Refuge

When you obtain the mythic tale from Kashira, you will receive the first objective, which is to Leave Fune’s Refuge. Head toward the main gate and leave the Fune’s Refuge area.

Search Mount Takenotsuji for Minato

Your next goal is to find Minato near Mount Takenotsuji. On the map, this is indicated by a large yellow search area. Mount Takenotsuji is east of Fort Sakai. Minato can be found on top of a mountain. You must climb up the side of the cliff to reach Minato.

Rescue Minato

Minato will be surrounded by several enemies. To save Minato, defeat all enemies in the area and interact with her. This will trigger a cut scene in which she gives clue that the cave on Iki Island can be found by following strange glowing water that appears at night.

Rest at Minato’s campfire until nightfall

After giving the clue, she will walk over to her campfire just a few steps away. Follow her and sit down by the campfire to make it nighttime.

Find the glowing water on the northeastern coast

The glowing water can be found on the north-eastern coast of Iki Island. The game only provides you with a general area to start your search. The below screenshots will help you with the exact location you need to go to.

At that marked location, you’ll find a wooden ramp at the cliffs and glowing water below. Jump down into the glowing water and follow the stream of glowing water in the north (left) direction. Continue to follow the glowing water until you reach the northernmost tip of the island, where the cave is located. The location of the cave is marked on the map below.

Investigate the cave

Take the flaming arrows from the right side of the cave entrance. This will help in illuminated the cave and the path by lighting braziers that you will find along the path going ahead. There are unlit braziers scattered throughout the cave, and you can ignite them if you shoot them with a Flaming Arrow. 

Enter the dark passage

Follow the path and a little ahead you’ll come to a blocked wooden barricade. Use R2 to latch your grappling hook then L2 to pull down the wooden barricade next to the brazier, enter the dark cave. 

Search the cave for the Sarugami Armor

Inside the cave, you need to follow the linear path. Use Flaming Arrows to light up the path in front of you. There are few ladders you need to climb or jump into the water while following the linear path. Eventually, you’ll come to a wooden barrack that you can pull down with your grappling hook. Inside, you’ll find Black Hand Riku. After the cutscene defeat Black Hand Riku. You will receive Sarugami Helmet & Sarugami Armor.

Escape Riku’s Lair 

Once the fight is over, come out of the cave. 

Defeat Kashira and his men

Once you come outside of the cave, you will find Kashira and some Mongolians. Defeat all of them to complete the mythic tale – Legend of Black Hand Riku

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