The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – Sifumim Shrine Guide

This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the Sifumim Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game, released on 12th May 2023. Sifumim Shrine, also known as Proving Grounds: Flow, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom. The Shrine is located northwest of Lurelin Village.

How To Complete Sifumim Shrine – Proving Grounds: Flow

Sifumim Shrine is one of the more challenging shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s a combat-oriented trial that requires you to utilize all of your newly acquired abilities. When you enter the Sifumim Shrine, all of your equipment is taken from you, including food and meals, rendering you unable to heal during the trial.

To complete the shrine, you must defeat all the individual constructs that merge into a single boss health bar displayed at the top of the screen. The shrine consists of three levels, and the first two levels feature water with powerful currents.

As you step into Sifumim Shrine, make sure to acquire the Long Stick, Wooden Stick, and Old Wooden Shield to your left. At this point, hide behind the wooden boxes to prevent the Constructs from detecting your presence. It is crucial to avoid catching their attention.

Wait for a platform with a Construct on it to float near your location. Use Ultrahand to pull and shake the platform. As a result, the Construct will plunge into the water, where it will die within a few seconds. Collect all the items it drops, including the bow and arrows.

Follow the course of the water’s current to the back side of the platform leading you to a ladder and go up to the next level.

In the second level, also pull the platforms from under the constructs to drown them all and go up to the third and final level where you will encounter Captain Construct.

Crouch and sneak up on it from behind to find three explosive barrels. Use Ultrahand to attach the three barrels, making a super bomb to deal a good amount of damage. Lastly, maintain a safe distance and shoot arrows at Captain Construct until it succumbs. Once you’ve defeated the final construct, the shrine will be complete.

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