The Long Drop Treasure Hunt | Far Cry 6 Walkthrough

  • Post published:October 7, 2021
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The Long Drop is a Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6 where a player needs to collect the stash (military supplies) store by Regime soldiers in the dam office. There are no pre-requisites for Treasure Hunts. A player just needs to head the purple-colored treasure hunt icon and need to read the note that starts the treasure hunt.

Starting Location: The Long Drop

The treasure hunt “The Long Drop” starting location is in the “La Joya” sub-region of the El Este Region. Proceed to the starting point of the treasure hunt, which is located in the northern section of the Santos Espinosa Dam. As shown in the image, read the letter posted on the gate of a small shed/room near the dam.

Objective: Reach the stash

The stash is located in the same dam shed, where you read the letter to start the treasure hunt. This room is locked and, you need to find the key card to the dam shed room.

Cross to the other side of the dam, use the grapple point near the broken section to cross the dam. 

Head around the back of the locked building by climbing onto the roof to reach the other side. Now, look inside through the window, you’ll be able to see a lock you can shoot to open the door.

Climbing onto the roof again to cross and enter inside the dam shed/room. Now you are inside the dam control room and need to interact with a few things in the correct order.

First, activate the sluice control near the gate of the room. The red button on a yellow machine.

Second, press the button on the side of the hydraulic monitoring machines as shown in the image.

Third, turn the pressure valve wheel.

Lastly, press the button on the main console in the adjacent room.

Once you’ve interacted with all of the switches in the proper order, the dam gate will open and you’ll be able to grab the key. Head outside and use the grappling point on the dam bridge to rappel down to the worker’s body that has stuck on the dam. Grab his key and grapple back up.

Finally, return to the dam shed where the treasure hunt started to access the stash. This finishes The Long Drop Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6.

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