The Lost Astrolabe: Dive in the Black Lake and find the Astrolabe | Hogwarts Legacy

The Lost Astrolabe Walkthrough

This guide shows the complete walkthrough of The tale of Rowland Oakes side quest in the Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023. The quest will be available after you have completed the Tomes and Tribulations main quest.

Speak with the student on the dock

When the quest is available, talk to Grace Pinch-Smedley on the dock in the Black lake as shown in the picture below. She will request you to find her grandfather’s astrolabe, which is inside the Black Lake.

Dive in the Black Lake and find the Astrolabe

Jump into the Black Lake and swim northeast from the dock towards the blue search area marked in the minimap. There you will find a fountain as shown in the picture below. On searching, you will find an unrelated item. You will have to search five fountains in the search area. You will find Pinch-Smedley Family Astrolabe in the fifth fountain. This will complete the objective.

Return to Grace

Swim back to grace and talk to her to complete the quest.

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