The Mines Secret Area Locations: Oddworld Soulstorm (Walkthrough)

Oddworld: Soulstorm – How to get all secret areas in The Mines

Secret area #1

As the game start, you need to go left and climb up few platforms to find the first secret area.

Secret area #2

This Secret area is also in the initial part of the game. You need to take the elevator and descend into the mine to reach ‘Level 1’. At ‘Level 1’, go in the left direction and drop down a level and start moving right then. 

In the end, enter into a gate to reach another side where you will find a Secret area.

Secret area #3

You can find this Secret area at ‘Power Station 2A’. From ‘Level 1’ take the elevator to descend ‘Level 2’ and then move in the left direction to take another elevator to descend ‘Power Station 2A’.

At Power Station 2A, you need to go in the left direction till the end and destroy few wooden boxes to reveal a hidden level. Pull the lever to make the elevator go up and, this will clear your path to descend further using monkey bars and reach the Secret area.

Secret area #4

At Power Station 2A, go in the right direction and enter into the new area.

Near the ‘Laser’ wall (see image). Call all Mudkons to disable the laser wall. After crossing, you need to climb up to find the Secret area.

Secret area #5

You can find the Secret area in ‘Level 3’. In the end, you need to ride a train/platform. To reach the secret area move the platform in opposite direction.

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