The Photographer’s Words II – All 5 Locations Guide in Genshin Impact 2.8

This guide shows the location of all the 7 “The Photographer Words II” in the Golden Apple Archipelago of Genshin Impact 2.8.

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#1 – Secret Mission Log: VI (Pudding Isle)

Northern Beach of Pudding Isle.

#2 – Ongoing Mission Image: III (Pudding Isle)

The imaging conch is sitting on top of a boulder near the teleport waypoint of Pudding Isle.

#3 – Secret Mission Log: VII (Pudding Isle)

Southern Beach of Pudding Isle

#4 – Ongoing Mission Image: IV (Minacious Isle)

Glid down from the top of Minacious Isle to find this item on the cliff wall where a fallen tree trunk is acting like a bridge.

#5 – Secret Mission Log: VIII (Minacious Isle)

Below the big arch-shaped mountain of Minacious Isle.

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